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    Blade Lord Ta'yak

    So it is something I noticed and the fury warrior(the other melee in my 10m) has noticed as well. When dpsing him he randomly will parry our attacks. YES I know he randomly turns around and I'm ok with that, what I am talking about is when we is turned around and we are behind him(which you all know melee dps should be) he just randomly parries our attacks. is this a bug, is it intended? Has anyone else ran into this?

    Honestly it isn't affecting our dps too much but it is annoying to pop cd's for that "big attack" and it gets parried when you are behind him.

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    its when he turns, that or your positioned wrongly, checked logs of our 10hc kill tonight, 0 parries on the dk, and a VERY small percentage from the rogues were parried, prolly due to when he turns to wind slap or tempest strike somebody.

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