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    SLI Upgrade and Liquid Cooling Help

    Hello everyone, I recently started to build a gaming computer and with the new Cyber Monday deals just around the corner, I am looking for some additional pieces to finally finish the build.


    So I have this graphics card and instead of getting a GTX 690 for almost $1k, I want to get this as it comes out much cheaper. I know I will not get the same performance. My question is, is the second one SLI compatible with the one that I have?


    This is my board. I have an i7 3770k on it and I want to liquid cool both the processor and the motherboard. Currently that processor runs with the crappy little fan it came with, and while its temperature is stable at around 39-40*C, I realize that it is at risk of overheating under load.

    For the processor and the motherboard alone, should I get a single radiator or a double radiator cooling system? I dislike noise, so I would be inclined to go with a single one, but would that be viable with my setup?

    Here is my build for reference:
    Case: Rosewill THOR V2 Gaming ATX Full Tower
    Mobo: ASUS Maximus V FORMULA
    CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge
    RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 12GB
    Power: OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W
    SSD: SAMSUNG 830 Series
    HDD: Western Digital WD Black

    Thanks a lot!

    EDIT: Here are my choices for the cooling systems:
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    580 is compatible w/ another 580 reference model usually have to be very similar. The EK kits are nice but your likely going to spend more in the end getting what you want, I.e Tvirus looking resevoir, 1 or 2 more radiators etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milkshake86 View Post
    "I have this graphics card"? uhhh what card do you have?
    It was a hyperlink, but here


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    cpu cooler > get a corsair H100i (and buy some quiet corsair fans to replace the stock ones, lots of cooling power and pretty quiet)
    as for the SLI you should be better off trying to resell the card you got for +- $250 and buy a gtx 670/680.
    since the cards you linked are also of 2 different structures (fermi and non fermi) you would more for the second card while it is better it would be downclocked to match your other card.

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