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    Looking for addon

    Hey ppl, im looking for an addon to track my trinket, enchant procs and my talent procs. what im lookin for is a dot timer just with cds and stuff

    the addon is in this video just dont know what the name is on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQa_SQfBo6w

    Hope you can help me out!

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    that is not a bar but icon as far as i know?

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    it's fortexorcist configured to track procs as well as dots. custom colours etc.

    the icons to the left of my raid frames is tellmewhen (it's also mid-tweak and half of them aren't working)

    on a side note, if anyone can tell me why FX won't track jade spirit I'd be very grateful
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    it looks as though 'need to know' can accomplish the same thing. Although if you're looking for the same look as the video - it's ForteX, not needtoknow
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Tellmewhen can use bars and icons. I dont know why people love bars so much though, icons are way better.

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    I much prefer bars to icons /shrug
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    I'm using ExtraCD to track procs and their ICD. It's simple icons that show green text when it's active, red text for cooldown and just the icon when it's ready.

    Really simple to install and set up too.

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    ExtraCD, best addon for tracking enchants, proffesions, procs in general.

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