View Poll Results: What are your non-playable races?

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  • Human

    88 18.33%
  • Dwarf

    123 25.63%
  • Gnome

    182 37.92%
  • Night Elf

    76 15.83%
  • Dranei

    91 18.96%
  • Worgen

    94 19.58%
  • Orc

    72 15.00%
  • Troll

    87 18.13%
  • Tauren

    107 22.29%
  • Undead

    82 17.08%
  • Blood Elf

    73 15.21%
  • Goblin

    124 25.83%
  • Pandaren

    90 18.75%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I really love trolls in old Warcraft games, but in WoW I can't stand their running!

    They're so tall and just look so ... ugh, can't find a word I don't know, I like them when they drink and sit or dance, but when they stretch or run I just can't stand them.

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    The way Tauren move bugs me. Can't play 'em.

  3. #63
    For something I will never play even when updated - Gnome. I cannot stand gnomes. I mean, I guess they're cute in their own little way, but I have a serious problem with not being able to see their armor, and just... Some inexplicable hatred for them courses through my veins in general. I don't quite know why.

    Everything else, when updated, I will play. As it stands now, I only play certain races/genders, as the other races/genders are too horrific graphics wise for me to handle. Actually, I might never play a male Night Elf. They're just awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisk View Post
    I have no reason really, but i always look at people in pugs that play male night elf's as horrible people and i secretly despise them for it. The whole animations reminds me of a nerdy whimsy boy over-acting movements in a bad medieval fight scene and people that think that is great must be just like that (ofc they aren't, but that's just what my brain tells me), this is the only race i simple can't deal with.
    This is exactly the way I feel with a male Night Elf in my group. As much as I know I can't judge a person by the animations of their character in game, I totally, absolutely think they are of a lower IQ bracket when I see them.

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    Tauren = too big and too disorienting. Also most doors are totally blocked by them. I like to SEE THINGS. Also has huge stigma of "kid players" or "derp herpers cows r funni m8 retbull gives wings m8 xDD"

    Worgen = sniff sniff. Yiff yiff. Not my thing.

    Human = too generic tho women are qt with dark hair. But good heavens male voices and HNNGGHIAAH yell. Fire fire, kill it. Same goes with NELF males.

    Pandaren = ???
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    Tauren or Dwarf. >_<
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    Male Orcs. Too bulky, and they run funny.
    Male Night Elves. I've seen so many in BGs I would rather not play one plus they are ugly.
    Male and Female Draenei. I can't get past that tentacle tail, and the males are too bulky as well.
    Male and Female Goblins. How they run annoys me.
    Male and Female Worgen. The way they run just irks me, and they have terrible casting animations.
    Male Pandaren. Why would I want to play as a fat dude?

    I would play the heck out of a Gnome if they were Horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krawu View Post
    WOW. I came here, hoping to be able to openly declare my hatred for the hunter class, and then it's a thread dedicated to fantasy racism? >:O
    You still can, just pick Night Elves/Humans, and Trolls/Orcs.
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    The only character race I've never made at all was an orc. I have little fondness overall for gnomes, worgen (especially female), and tauren, but I've made those at least as for-fun characters before.

    Class-wise I've never been able to get into Rogue or Warrior.
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    Gnome.... They are the stupidest fucking race in the game by far.
    So good to be an ant who crawls atop a spinning rock
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    Undead and certain genders from certain races. Male Draenei and Blood Elves, Female Tauren, Worgen, and Pandaren.

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    Tauren. I hate the feeling of my character looking like it's moving so slow.

    I even try to tell myself that it's the same speed and it just looks slower, but I still just cant play it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnorei View Post
    I think goblin was the worst for me, I was curious of their starting experience so I had to make one to see it. I made him look as obnoxious as possible since I felt it fitted goblins. I also did Azshara since I had not done it, so got him to level 22. In that time I died 25 times, so think I was starting to kill him just because of sadism. At the end I just threw him off a cliff in Ashenvale and deleted him.
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    I consider WoW i colorful joke game. As such I play mostly Gnomes since 2006.
    Race I can't play: Blood Elves. I don't play female toons, and there is only one gender for BEs lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemro82 View Post
    Human, I have no idea why so many people do this, and I dont even speak about character models, but playing fantasy game and pick boring human?
    Humans in WoW are fantastical. You're not playing an overweight mouth breather like in IRL. You're playing either a hot, perfect measurements woman or a ripped human male. Definitely not "normal" for the real world.

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    my choice goes to gnomes, theres just nothing that appeals to me at all about that race. not that i have anything against them, its just the least interesting race to me

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    I voted Goblin (anatomy issue), but there are several I'll never play aside from that:
    Draenei. Anatomy issues.
    Gnomes. Anatomy issues. Plus, their males really creep the shit out of me.
    Male orcs. Anatomy issues.
    Male Forsaken. Join the ministry of silly walks? Never!
    Male Tauren. Just. Too. Big. I like to see the environment, rather than the same bull's back filling my screen.

    So yeah... There's several. The poll is too limited. :P

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    Human, gnome, nelf, drainee, goblin, panda.

    I don't play orcs, belves or undead very often, but I can play them. I've made some toons of these races before, but they don't last. And I only ever made a goblin to experience the starting zone. My panda made it to level 1. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broloth View Post
    Humans in WoW are fantastical. You're not playing an overweight mouth breather like in IRL. You're playing either a hot, perfect measurements woman or a ripped human male. Definitely not "normal" for the real world.
    You're creepy.

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    Blood elves. I loathe the females, they remind me of annoying, attention whore teens. Doesn't make it any easier when everyone keeps repeating how amazing they are -.- I guess I could play a belf male, but I rarely play male characters and if I do, there's better models to be played.
    Also, male tauren. I like them, but they're just so damned big, I can never get them to high enough level to make them tolerable.

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    Seems the midget races are the most hated, haha.

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    Orcs - lore based reasons. Blood elves - annoyance based reasons.

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