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    A few Warrior tweaks that would be nice.

    My first tweak that I'd like Blizz to do is increase Duration of Shield Block from 6 sec to at least 10 sec.
    second thing Enrage duration is way to low I'd diffidently like to see a 12 sec duration.
    Warrior is feeling nice now. just those 2 things id like to see a change.
    If any other ideas out there I'd like to see them.

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    as they are now, enrage and SB are balanced, especially for tanking. all i think is that as arms in BiS isn't as strong as it could be perhaps a buff to mastery procs weapon damage, or the return of the 20% extra crit damage on MS/OP/slam to up our scaling values.
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    10second shield block duration would pretty much make SB the way it was in Cata, you could easily without any effort what so ever keep it up 24/7. as it is, you have to gear towards expertise and hit to have enough rage to have maximum uptime on it and even so you cannot have 100% uptime as SB has 8sec cd while the buff only lasts 6seconds.

    It is fine as it is, 10seconds would be op as hell.

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