Hi guys,

So basically everyone is talking about PvP balance because they want things to be even for all classes. They don't want "god classes" and then classes that are "useless compared to others".

I notice however, besides the people who have quit rogues and disc priests or the people saying they will quit their shaman in the next patch, that people haven't talked about how the current balance makes their experience in the game. I will just clarify here, I don't mean that "Oh it sucks a warrior silencing me and killing me" more about how it has changed your enjoyment and outlook on your class, role, etc.

I have been a PvE player for majority of WoW. I loved the idea of defeating the bosses, getting the gear and conquering each patch. Recently I decided that committing defined hours of my time was something I didn't want to do, so I went to PvP and decided I wanted to that with the same approach I had to PvE, learn everything I could, get the best gear possible and get as far as I could.

I decided upon a Holy Paladin for this expansion. I was pretty happy with this choice at the start, bgs were pretty fun, healing friends and have a jolly time. As we know though, the rated content is where you want to be and where this all counts, not random battlegrounds.

This is where, personally, I started to find my Holy pally a terrible choice.

Firstly, the burst. The burst this expansion has made healing so painful. PvP healing is about healing whilst remaining alive and without CC (get to that point next) so you can continue to heal your partner. With the current state of how burst is currently, I find that often you are relatively on top of the healing and one simple, instant CC and your partner is dead. Suddenly, I found that this just kept happening. Deciding to become a healer was meant to be fun, but having my partner go from 75% (Yes not 100%, but we cant just stand there spamming heals to 100% every time, especially if CC's are used) and watching them just get completely mooshed in 2 seconds is not my idea of fun. It makes you feel like a failure, which is some matches could be your personal mistake, but often it is not. It is majority of the time cc mixed with insane burst.

Secondly, the crowd control. Being a healer and having players capable of insane burst was a struggle in itself, but with the amount of CC this became so much more painful and punishing. CC used to be something (unless you were RMP lol) that required coordination and was rather rare. 'Rare' in the respect that you didn't have many moves that CC'd the opponent and you had to use your DR's properly. This was also important as most CC abilities had cast times, making them vulnerable to interrupt and also LoS.

Currently, I find myself getting CC'D multiple times by 1 person, between the group in various arenas the number of CC's is quite crazy. The other fact is the fact how much "instant CC" there is. Blood fear, feral instant cyclone, deep freeze, NS + cyclone/hex. ETC. Often people will counter this by saying that there is some sacrifice to doing this "instant cc". 10% max hp, combo points (less damage), does deep freeze even have a draw back lol?, can't use NS for an instant heal. I agree with this for the most part, however with all the CC now, and the "CC chains"... the consequences for the enemy far outweight any sacrifice being made by that person. For example, the loss of combo points for a feral druid may reduce their damage, The 6 seconds a healer is CC'd for, would probably outweight or at a minimum equal the damage they loss from using this. But that cyclone gives the next cc (assuming timing right, which isn't TOO hard) a near 100% chance to land. For example, Cyclone + bash + cyclone + Polymorph etc etc.

The amount of CC is silly and the amount of instant CC and the length of CC chains, combined with burst is out of control, it makes playing a healer painful to say the least.

The third point is the "blanket silences". Currently warriors are getting a nerf on theirs but the problem is still there. Why would a mage be rewarded with a 3 second silence for missing a counterspell? Mages hardly even use it as an interrupt anymore (the bad ones), I notice majority just use it to render people useless, more specifically healers. The issue here is that when combined with other classes, they have far to much lock out potential on short CD's. Even with DR, Counterspell + priest silence + fear + sheep + ring of frost etc. It gives us far to long in CC/unable to do anything.

The result, makes healing really punishing.

Lastly is the abilities not being 'unique' to anyone. It seems as though Blizzard just give everyone a version of each others moves, and it is just irritating because it means that it imbalances classes strong points and often to not is more OP then other (original) versions of the spell.

Deep freeze vs hammer of Justice. To get it to the same CD as Deep freeze, we need a talent to be used (then we can't get another cc). The glyph gives them this tool off the GCD, so now even if both glyphed, deep freeze is still more superior. Then the damage output increase caused by deep freeze? The fact that it boosts all their damage so high? So in reality a deep freeze is just an overpowered HoJ.

Displacer beast vs Vanish.

Symbiosis .... Because rdruids needed iceblock/deterrence ? Feral druids needed a bubble.... All these things that apparently make certain classes "strong" is being given to other classes. I am constantly called an OP healer because I have a bubble.... but giving this to feral druids...? Can you please give Holy paladins a Holy cyclone please?

A lot of this post is said with a little bit of cheek, because with a topic like this, as serious as it gets, people are always going to try pick it apart and find counters.

The thing is as a healer, we have to deal with all these "imbalances" far more than most people want to realise. I am sick of being raged at by arena partners because I didn't avoid some CC. With the damage amount being dealt and the amount of cc being pumped out, healers have a more than rough job and get punished hard often with very little mistake being made.

This expansion, I think I will be rerolling a DPS because being a healer is just far to painful with rather little reward.

Let me know what your experiences are guys and what makes them that way!!!!