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    Leveling a Paladin again...

    I played my Paladin mostly through wrath and as a frequent alt in Cata (haven't done anything in Pandaria yet).

    Decided to level one again on another server, and it's good, but a question: Is hammer of the righteous worthless now? I was really excited to get it at level 20, but have been seriously underwhelmed. For groups, I usually depend on Avenger's Shield and Holy Wrath to get aggro, and HotR seems okay for the debuff and maybe if some stray gets healer aggro, but from the negligible damage it seems to do, should I use it beyond that?

    Any general tips for tanking as I level up again?

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    Hammer is good for AoE at max level because you use Seal of Insight, and hammer procs the heal for every mob you hit. In other words, the more mobs hitting you, the more you heal yourself. Otherwise before SoI it's only good for the debuff, because it hits like a noodle. You still want to use Hammer over CS at 4+ mobs though.

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