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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelington View Post
    There wasn't much in OOT. Link and Saria or Ruto or Malon were much better than Zelda.
    Every scene with Shiek (the sexual tension was off the charts), Temple of Time, and last scene before credits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calzaeth View Post
    The best love story in gaming is, in my opinion, the story of Locke Cole in FF6. It has two romances, but the first girl dies, while the second is the one 'healing' his heart. Then again, I'm a sucker for the simple beauty of FF6's music and graphics, so my fanboyism MIGHT make me less than trustworthy on this.

    Also, I finally got around to starting FFX for the first time yesterday, so I may end up liking the Tidus/Yuna one, too.
    Seconded. Then again, I find most of the FFVI characters' personal stories pretty amazing, especially Shadow and Kefka (I may also be guilty of some slight fanboyism when it comes to FFVI).

    Beyond that, I really like romancing Alistair as a female Warden in DA:O. He's just so lovable.
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    The hero and Princess Medea in Dragon Quest VIII; there's a certain poetry to crashing her arranged wedding to your cousin and stealing her away. Also Yuri and Alice in Shadow Hearts.

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    Farah and the prince from the sand of time trilogy.

    also liked the elika/prince story from the 2008 version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    The hero and Princess Medea in Dragon Quest VIII; there's a certain poetry to crashing her arranged wedding to your cousin and stealing her away. Also Yuri and Alice in Shadow Hearts.
    Normally I detest any kind of spoiler, but that's just fantastic. Gonna find a way to play that game^^
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    Protagonist & Jaheira/viconia/Aerie in the Baldur's gate series.

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    Between Sheldon and his Battle Ostrich, Glenn.

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    Spoilers ahead (Kotor):
    I really liked the love story between Bastila (iirc) and Revan in Kotor 1, especially considering Darth Vaders fall to the Dark Side because of his love / fear for him not being strong enough to save Amidala, whereas in the game you can save her from the Dark Side if she loves you.

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    If it counts, the Lily path in Katawa Shoujo. Most beautiful and heart-wrenching thing I've ever experienced, ever. Though every path in that visual novel is simply outstanding.

    If it doesn't count, I always found the romances in the Mass Effect series to be particularly well-portrayed. Oh, and Dragon Age as well. Bioware in general do good romance stories from my experience (cue someone cutting in and giving 1 example of a bad one, thus somehow devaluing my entire point :P).

    For clarity's sake, my main experience with the romance in those games were with Liara and Tali in ME, and (I'm terrible with their names in DA for some reason) the short haired redhead church woman in DA1, and the pirate girl and the dalish elf in DA2.

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    Silent Hill 2. The entire thing from start to finish. The most screwed up love story ever.

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    FF8 did it for me (possibly because of my age when I played it.) What happened in FF7 was good and all, but Cloud was an emotionless brick. Squall actually let his emotion show, and the scene when they are lost in space and find the Ragnarok, and later he prevents her from being locked away in the machine, and finally in the ending video/song (shed tear for Laguna and Raine). Sure people celebrate FF7 for having Sephiroth, but 8 is my favourite for the love story.

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    Squall and Rinoa... even though Rinoa was a bitch at first...
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    Quote Originally Posted by yunalezka View Post
    Yeah I have to agree with that one. The ending of that always tears me up. Even in X-2, which I didn't hate but didn't really love either, A Thousand Words always gets me too.
    And I have to agree as well. Don't forget Shuyin/Lenne either!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detheavn View Post
    For some reason the first thing which came to mind were hentai dating sims ....... *cough*
    Hehe, I second that. Season of the Sakura comes to mind *cough*

    Anyway, I also liked Tidus and Yuna from FFX, Aerie romance from Baldur's Gate 2, Bastilla Shan from KotOR and various little romances in Odin Sphere. Oswald and Gwendolyn, Cornelius and Velvet, Ingway and Mercedes, yeah, this game is filled with that. Also let's not forget genuine father-adopted daughter relationship between Lee and Clementine in The Walking Dead.

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    Question: How can Link and Zelda have great chemistry in any game when Link's mute and all the other characters speak in gibberish? I'm not being funny, I'm 100% serious and interested how you can perceive chemistry with those limitations, because I have finished all of the Zelda titles listed in this thread and saw nothing of the sort.

    On topic, I would like to suggest the following:

    The Witcher/The Witcher 2: Geralt of Rivia and Triss Merigold
    Valkyria Chronicles: Welkin Gunther and Alicia Melchiott
    Monkey Island/2/3: Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley (for lols)
    Borderlands 2: Lilith and Roland (for further lols)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitzbert View Post
    Monkey Island/2/3: Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley (for lols)
    Yeah their relationship is weird but kinda charming. This reminded me of Tales of Monkey Island - Morgan LeFlay and Guybrush definitely had something going on between them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulgrim View Post
    Toejam & Earl
    I'll admit it, I got a laugh out of this.

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    Otacon and Sniper Wolf imo.

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    Jackie and Jenny from The Darkness is alright, not a particularly nice love story though.
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