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    Kafei and Anju from Majora's Mask was really nice (and horrendously depressing if you leave Kafei to die alone). Mass Effect had some really awesome romances as well (Garrus, Liara, Tali, Kaidan).

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    Pritchard and Adam in Deus Ex

    You know they only act like they hate each other because they've secretly got the hots for each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendulous View Post
    Grandia 2 had a cool little love triangle. The hook being the two women shared a body.

    The end never did specify which one ended up with him. Probably both, now that Elena wasn't as uptight.

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    Whoa whoa, what? If anything, Rikku and Wakka hated each other. For the same reason most of the group hated Rikku. Rikku was A. Al-Bhed, and B. totally against Yu Yevon. Not to mention Wakka was the most close-minded one of them all. Turns out she was right, and everybody else was racist. Oh and Yuna being part Al-Bhed too, probably made them die from suffocation when they couldn't remove either foot from their mouth. So no, I don't see a romance there. Plus, you get kind of ruined when you play X-2 and learn that Wakka and Lulu are together anyway.
    My memory is a little fuzzy, but I recall going through X and thinking, "Yea, Lulu and Wakka. No doubt." X is probably the only one I haven't played through more than once - not that I didn't like it, I just poured too much into my one file to bother starting over. It's also the only one whose save file has never been deleted/lost/corrupted

    My vote goes to Laguna + Raine with the side of Julia. The tragedy of Laguna missing out on Julia is haunting, so much so that the game's very theme song is Julia's declaration of love for Laguna. Sure, she married General what's-his-name, birthed Rinoa, all that jazz, but I think she never got over him. I guess it works out though since their kids ended up together.
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    Squall and Rinoa, definitely. Particularly because Squall's character development feels so real and well done. It's really slow and subtle, but by the end of the game he's this badass knight in shining armor. I love his speech when him and Rinoa have basically confirmed their love for each other.

    Rinoa: "You know...I am a sorceress now. An enemy of the world. Everyone will want to kill me."
    Squall: "Then I'll kill them all."

    Something along those lines. Just really cool to see an emo, introverted character turn into that by the end of the game. Rinoa's development was pretty well done too. I mean, it was obvious she was into Squall from the beginning, but she becomes less playful and takes it more seriously as the game progresses.

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    Tidus and Yuna always get me. I am sure their story alone is why FFX-2 sold so many copies....

    Well granted there are a lot of people who buy games just for having Final Fantasy on the title but still.
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    Zack and Aerith (major)
    Cloud and Tifa (minor)
    Squall and Rhinoa (major)
    Laguna and Julia (minor)
    Fei and Elly (major)
    Zidane and Garnet (minor, at least it felt that way)
    Tidus and Yuna (major)
    Wakka and Lulu (minor)

    Squaresoft had some decent love interest/stories. Moreso that they were "down to earth" than "intellectually compelling".

    How about some love stories that aren't happy endings and/or lovers?

    Silent Hill (1-3 personally)

    All Silent Hill games (except for that stupid multiplayer one) are love stories with tragic twists.
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    zack and aerith - final fantasy 7 crisis core
    love triangle between cloud tifa and aerith - final fantasy 7
    tidus and yuna - final fantasy 10
    shepard and liara - all mass effect games
    ezio and caterina sforza - assassins creed 2 and brotherhood
    ezio and cristina vespucci - assassins creed 2 and brothood
    ezio and sofia sartor - assassins creed revelations
    zidane and garnet - final fantasy 9
    jak and keira - jak and dexter series
    daxter and tess - jak and daxter series
    someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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    Lara Croft and her butler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tnpm View Post
    jak and keira - jak and dexter series
    He belonged with Ashelin. x.x

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    The ones you could have in Baldur's Gate were all pretty interesting and cool.

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    In addition to my Silent Hill 2 vote, I'll add Jon Irenicus & Queen Ellesime from Baldur's Gate 2. Since Stannis got me thinking about BG again.

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    Locke and Celes from FF6.

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    Maybe not the best, but I always found the love between Jackie and Jenny in The Darkness to be rather tragic. Got to be a bit much in The Darkness 2, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hextor View Post
    Shepard-Liara hands down ^^
    Shepard (male) and Tali is also a good one, in my opinion.

    Also, ME3 if you play female Shepard and had her paired with Thane is another good Mass Effect one.

    Reading this thread also made me realize just how long it's been since I've really played a non-Bioware game that featured a love story that actually comes to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiz View Post
    Space marine and his bolter.
    I second this. Its more of a love triangle between space marine, bolt pistol and chainsword though.
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    Revan and Bastila, The Warden and Morrigan, The Grey Fox story from Oblivion was also good.
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    For me it would be

    Shadow of the colossus (the things the guy does to get his beloved back, and how it all ends are is quite gripping)
    The Walking Dead (Lee & Clementine, this would be love in the parent-child sense, but love nonetheless)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eowenn View Post
    Conker and Berri.

    Honestly, yeah. That twist at the end of Conker's Bad Fur Day is brilliant too.

    Given godlike powers, but forgets to ressurect his girlfriend. Nice one, Conker.

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    Super Mario Bros.!

    Seriously: Final Fantasy VII!

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