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    RBG AoE comps

    A new trend emerging in RBGs at the moment are AoE comps, these teams consist usually of Frost Death Knights and other strong AoE specs particularly demo warlocks, frost mages, and others.

    The strat of these comps is to use the DK ability Gorefiend's Grasp to pull the opposing team into the DK and all classes pop cooldowns and AoE as hard as possible, this usually results in at least a couple of kills as the healers simply can't keep up.

    If anyone has any experience against these teams I'd love some suggestions/ideas for how to counter them.

    We've been doing reasonably well against them, after their initial burst the worse AoE teams tend to get disorganised and fall to bits. But we are going to start coming up against stronger AoE comps at higher ratings.

    Thanks in advance!

    (thank christ no more cunning of the cruel omfg)
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    I'm no expert but Id say counter with defensive cds, AMS perhaps or perhaps some mass stuns/disorients such as dragon's breath. They'll be vulnerable once their cds wear off and defenseless!

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    If you can predict it you can deal with the problem at the source; the DK. It seems the entire comp depends on that one ability, as you can avoid normal AoE pretty easily otherwise. Other than that stay as spread out as feasibly possible.

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    Honestly, both resto druids and resto shamans have the abilities to counter this kind of strategy with their bursty/aoe healing toolkits.
    A resto shaman in particular can single-handedly counter an AOE grip/double chaos wave/bladestorm with a single SLT/Healing Stream Totem, and with those kinds of gimmicky comps, purely surviving that small period of unsustainable burst ensures a win.
    Maybe have your healers go from more of a 'reactive' healing style, to a 'preventative' healing style!
    AOE CC > AOE DMG through burst phases. Psyfiend/Fearbomb, RoF, Vortex/beam and all the other obvious forms of control to help mitigate incoming damage and save your healers cooldowns.
    Almost nothing is unhealable in this game as healing is REALLY strong atm, but If you're stuck with weak healers... training DKs usually yields positive results :P
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    1st day of new expansion: "omg Gorefiend's Grasp is useless!"

    Now: "Gorefiend's Grasp is op!"

    Solution? Kill the Dk. You train them on Arenas now you train them on Bg's aswell! They love it.

    Better yet just do the same.

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    This is nothing new dotcleaves with heavy aoe damage have always been top.

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