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    Just returned to swtor under f2p

    I just returned to star wars under f2p but i am 5 characters over the /2 limit will they delete my chars randomly?

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    No in a few weeks time (not sure when) you will be able to choose 2 characters that will be your active characters and the others will be locked.

    Bioware hasn't given a time frame on when you have to choose, but my guess would be a few weeks.

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    Locked tel I subscribe again?

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    yep they will let you pick 2 characters to unlock and the others will be locked untill you resub.

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    k tyvm, you too

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    If you aren't going to resub, I would start mailing your good items and crafting materials to the 2 toons you will be using. That way you can sell items on the GTN to purchase unlocks.

    You can't mail money, but you can purchase things and mail the items, then resell them.

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