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    Absorbs priority (IH Vs DA vs PWS)

    Hey all

    Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this.

    Which absorb gets priority on incoming damage? Aegis/PWS or Illuminated healing. Also, because IH is a huge part of Holy Paladin healing, would having a Disc priest (10man) pretty much negate the palys heals? (Paly heals are expensive to put those shields up) or are they good healers to pair up.


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    I believe that the game prioritizes the absorbs with the least time remaining. I'm not 100% on this, but I think someone had mentioned this as how its supposed to work.

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    The two healers should make sure to be able to see eachothers heals and shields so they do not get into eachothers absorbs, no real sence trhowin a PWS to a tank that already has a 100k Illuminated healing on him.
    Or reverse, a tank that has a 90k PWS on him and is sitting at 60% health doesnt exactly need an emergency heal rather a more carefull and less mana costly one.

    Also make sure the pally can see the Weakened soul debuff and Grace buff

    Healers just really need to work together and things should even need to worry about colliding shields or what not
    Same with healers mostly not knowing about mages, Evocation, Temporal shield/ripples to a lesser degree Rune of Power, Ice barrier, Ice block
    I am sure other classes have simular things that cause (considerable) self heals (over time) that go to overheals and result in (much) wasted mana

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    I heal with a disc priest and a druid. Both go DPS OS on fights where we only need to two heal and want one more ranged or melee.

    Here's my question. When healing with the disc priest I feel as if most of my bubbles are getting sniped where as healing with the druid that isn't the case and my HPS (+absorbs) is much higher.

    Would it be more beneficial then to my raid to go haste reforge instead of mastery?

    We're working on heroics if that helps at all. So not talking about normal encounters.

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