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    I don't understand why people need golds for?

    i mean for pvp u can farm honor, for pve u can farm justice points. Most of the things on AH is really cheap, so im curious why do people need so much gold for ?

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    People like to get a leg up by buying crafted gear or powerleveling their professions instead of taking days or weeks to do it.

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    I barely use any gold, I never buy gear from AH or people.

    I only use gold for my professions/repairs/vendor items, mounts and such.

    I never had more than 20k or so.

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    Lotta the new fancy mounts are pricey. The jewelcrafting mounts need 20,000 each min for a reagent, and the giant yak mount is 120,000.

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    You can buy 2 pieces of 496 gear + the 476 dark moon faire trinket (which is far better than other 476 or arguably even 489 counterparts) the moment you hit level 90, which gives you a significant advantage in PvE and gets you into heroics and lfr instantly / much faster.

    You can also buy the insanely expensive weapon enchants (my Jadesong cost me about 7000) without thinking about it for even a second.

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    It's good to have if you like to stay on top of your raiding set without needing to farm. Gives you the ability to immediately craft new gear with new content patches and get the best enchants.

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    On my server, even for someone like me who does nothing but PvP, it's just a necessity to maintain at least 20,000 or so per season. People way over charge for gems and enchants, and you can't really go without them. It's incredibly annoying, but when so many players find it fun to control the market and screw over everyone else, there's not much you can do except try to keep up.

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    I had around 160k gold before I quit. Mounts are expensive, epics are expensive, etc. I don't NEED that much gold. But I haven't been able to say "F it." and buy that damned Yak. Pretty much haven't spent a lot of gold so I can find something super awesome on the BMAH.

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    Black Market Auction House is where I suspect most of my gold will disappear. I'm on a quiet, medium sized server so the chances of seeing, for instance, a Spectral Tiger are slim to none. I've seen 1 in my 2+ years of being here. So BMAH is the most likely spot for me to find elusive cool stuff like the Tiger or Warlock tier 3. Do I *need* this stuff? Nope, absolutely not, but I like building up my character and increasing the amount of cool stuff I have access to is fun to me.

    As for the basic everyday need for gold? There's not much. Repairs, flask, food, most of that is provided by my guild when needed or easy to gather the mats for and craft myself. I suppose some (craftable) gear for alts is nice to have and useful for helping hand while leveling. I have to say that this tier hasn't had any dropped BoE gear I noticed and wanted to have that was much of an upgrade or else that might have been a valid gold sink. There's some raid quality crafted stuff, but I prefer my tier items when I get them so I'm not going to bother, personally.

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    I like having lots of gold so when I get lazy I can just buy mats off the AH instead of farming them myself. Need mantis shrimp for cooking, no time to farm, no problem!

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    When you want to be fully gemmed, enchanted and raid geared on more than one character, having less than 5k across your entire account can be very limiting to your ability to do so.

    I've just now gotten to the point of selling crafted gear for several thousand gold and finally having money to spend on things besides raising professions and getting fast flying on my alts.
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    I enjoy buying all the expensive crafted and BoE items off the AH for my alts. I also love to buy all the mounts. Not only that but it's nice when there is something you really need and you have the gold to buy it and not worry about it.

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    It's how I keep score.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epyonz View Post
    i mean for pvp u can farm honor, for pve u can farm justice points. Most of the things on AH is really cheap on my server, so im curious why do people need so much gold for ?
    Fixed that for you? Some things on my server are stupidly expensive, and when I visit high-pop servers I see stuff for sale in their AH that my AH never has.

    Also: Have you seen what it costs to make the new engineering mounts? They use 3x orbs of some kind from NPCs that go for 18k gold each. To me that's a lot of money.

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    I always have around 15k gold on my main. I only need enough to enchant and gem new gear. Can't see any reason to farm more

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    I think that the three most expensive things to me in this expansion so far have been BoE items, consumeables and repairs. While I've spent easily some 100k gold on food, potions and flasks alone in this expansion, there isn't really much use for gold in this game at all if you don't care about BoEs and +300 stat food.

    People who care enough to buy boosts and TCG/BMAH items are the only ones who actually spend obscene amounts of money, unless you're jumping head first into every gold sink implemented in this game or play the AH.

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    im about to make the new engineering rocket mount, thats gonna cost me about 75k gold...thats what gold is for

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    I dont like to waste time. I am quite pragmatic though. When I buy something I need it and not merely want it because I have not yet realized that it will be essentially gold thrown out of the window.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    People like to get a leg up by buying crafted gear or powerleveling their professions instead of taking days or weeks to do it.
    and that's exactly how to make gold with absolute minimal effort.

    So you want to deck out your alt in crafted gear and powerlevel his professions?

    Find someone just as lazy as yourself. Less patient/more affluent/more opposed to using their brain cells and let them pay for it ^,^

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    Lots of gold = winning

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    - Jeweled Onyx Panther
    - The 4 other Panthers.
    - The two rockets from Engineering.
    - The three-seat Yak.
    - The Sandstone Drake.
    - The Mechano-hog.
    - The three-seat Mamoth
    - The AH might have something neat, such as a TCG mount or a rare pet.
    - Even more, the BMAH might have something neat. And for that you need a TON of gold.
    - You may want to buy crafted epics.

    All that aside, you need gold to buy consumables, gems and enchant your gear.

    And if that is not enough... You may use gold for someone to carry you in a Heroic raid. You may even buy a specific item from that raid, such as a rare mount.

    Quite a few uses for gold, realy.

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