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    Lightbulb Smash's Ultimate Pro tips for Windwalker PVP!

    Hi guys,

    Through a creative process and a thorough understanding of the class I was able to learn some cool tricks with ww monks. In this video I reveal all of those tricks, so hopefully you guys find this interesting and maybe learn a trick or two!

    Monk Guides/Tips & Fun unique videos check it out:

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    Good video imo. Gives a few tips I didn't know. Whats that ability you use before the BG starts to get chi?

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    expel harm chi brew, fist of furry, chi-wave
    Nerdrage-15 Minute Cooldown. You enter a berserker rage, increasing typing speed by 75%, chance to hit CAPS LOCK by 50% and decreasing chance to get laid by 100%. You feel no pity or remorse and can not be stopped unless banned.

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