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    2 of the same rings/trinket

    Is it possible to have the same rings or trinkets if one of them is from heroic and one is from normal?

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    No, most are unique-equipped, meaning you can only wear one of said item.
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    Depends if the item has a line such as this: 'Unique-Equipped: [Name of Item] (1)'

    As an example: http://www.wowhead.com/item=89932

    If it does, then you can only equip a single version of the item. You cannot use both heroic and normal, or normal and LFR, or whatever combo.

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    If there is : Unique-Equipped: (name of the item)

    Then u cannot.

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    Usually not. It will have a line like in this trinket: Light of the Cosmos normal that says Unique-equipped: Light of the Cosmos (1)

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    Thank you for the quick answers!

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