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    Just started playing Barb again after like 4 months need advice

    I have been getting gear for my new Barb over the last week or so to allow me to find some cheap, decent items by doing some sniping. Finally finished my set and everything is on my MONK. Obviously I cant equip my IK Belt but its another 206 str and with the 2 piece bonus along with the belt resists add on another 133 to my resists total. Just wondering if theres anything I should change before my Barb hits 60 so once hes there I can jump right in and start playing instead of worrying about trying to find better gear. Obviously my DPS is going to be totally wrong and Im sure Barbs get more str per level so it will probably be higher as well but heres my profile showing future Barb's gear. Please let me know if its at least a good start, what MP I can do without problems, and if theres anything I should improve on.


    ***EDIT*** Guess I should add I will be going WW.

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    Link doesn't work for me.

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    Link is broken for me too
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