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    2 hand or 2 1 handed?

    Hey Monks!

    I finally got my monk level 90 yesterday, and I plan on focusing on pvp, like I do on every character.
    I am Windwalker specced.
    Now my question is, Is it purely choice, to either have a 2 handed weapon (staff/polearm) or 2 1 handed weapons, or is the one just better than the other?

    Thanks in advance, Mitta.

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    I dont think there is any difference at all, and even if there is the dps increase / loss would be so minimal it wouldnt even matter :P

    It's the way it should be tbh, i played my frost DK during cata and having to go DW because it was such a major dps increase kinda sucked :/

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    Assuming it's the same for PvP as it is for PvE:

    The higher ilevel weapon/s. If in the situation where you have a choice from weapons of the same ilevel, then go for the one handers. But the difference is fairly small, so overall it really doesn't matter.

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