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  • Yes, I only play MMOs. I do not play other games outside of the genre.

    16 12.21%
  • No, I don't only play MMOs. I like having a lot of other games to play.

    69 52.67%
  • No, I don't only play MMOs, but I only play a few other games.

    46 35.11%
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    I've always played one or 2 FPS beside WoW, mostly halo, MW2 and MW3.
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    I only play good games

    Sadly, not many are made these days.

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    When I played WoW, I pretty much played only that but that was 4000 years ago in another country. Because of that I missed some really nice games. Nowadays I try to balance my time with MMOs as they drain too much of my free time.

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    Most of my time goes towards WoW these days, yeah. I still play other games on occasion, such as franchises I always keep an eye out for (Pokemon, Mass Effect/Dragon Age, etc.). I have far too many other interests as well to play too many games (books, TV, writing, etc.).

    So yeah. Mostly MMO-only, but on occasion I'll play other genres.

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    I actually only play mmos, currently i play RIFT and WoW, whenever i get bored in WoW i play RIFT, which is normally 2 weeks after a patch so most my time is actually spent in RIFT where i never get bored, i only play WoW because of family and friends tbh. 5.1 looks pretty shocking (content and balancing wise) so i think i will stick to RIFT some more.
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