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    [WW] Anyone noticing a dramatic increase in TOK damage?

    I just had a Mage literally kill himself from half health when unloading on me when I popped TOK. I never had it effect a player in such a way before this.
    It seems to ignore resilience now.

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    This has to be a bug right?

    Ticking for 70k? LOL

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    Maybe they made it stop double dipping on Resilience?

    Edit: I just tested this in game, and it no longer seems to be reducing the damage by YOUR resil and then the TARGET'S resil like it used to, which equates to a 40-50% damage increase in PvP, but if you notice, the CD was increased by 50%.
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    I just tried vs my friends mage. It did the same thing.

    Against my friends warrior it didn't.

    Seems to be bugged vs mages only.

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    I posted the wrong picture before. Here's another.

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    Wowhead still shows it at 1.5 minute CD though. The damage is wrong in so many way based on your logs its 403k damage reflected even not accounting for your Resillence you need to do an effective damage of 671k damage on a zero resil target to achieve what was shown in the log. Aside from that I VERY much doubt you have 403k HP as ToK is capped by your max HP which leads me to believe the following calculation:

    Based off Armory:
    Imexiel = 51.07% Pwr 58.59% Resil ; 346,463 HP
    Cryosphere = 47.78% Pwr 59.10% Resil

    Both on Arthas server.

    Dmg Taken Premitigated * PvP Power

    Effective HP = 549,456 HP
    Effective Damage Reflect = 830,063 HP
    if Tiger Stance applies = 996,075 HP
    Damage Reflect to target after His Resillence (No Tiger Stance) = 339,495 HP
    Damage Reflect to target after His Resilience (Tiger Stance)= 407,394 HP

    So we can conclude that the the formula should be as follow:

    {[Your HP *(1+ Your Resil)] * (1 + Your PvP Power) * 1.2} * (1 - Target Resil) = Total Effective 100% Reflect.

    {[346,463 * (1+0.5859)] * (1 + 0.5107) * 1.2} * (1 - 0.591) = 407,394 HP.

    What does this mean? This means that damage transferred over is premitigated and max cap is effective health (Mitigated) and damage transfered is affected by modifiers (PvP power and Stance), and is only reduced by target's defensive modifiers (Resil and % Reduction like Spriest/Boomkin etc).

    There is your math.

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    Another re-calculation based on your Duel with Spellpierce.

    Total Reflect = 339,674 HP
    Total Potential Target Reflect = 996,075 HP * (1 - 0.5693) = 429,009 HP
    Target has insufficient effective health to break through ToK, Spellpierce requires 103,854 HP more to break even with your reflect.

    What does all this mean? Well it means that when whomever the Monk ToKs with decent resil and power and being focused down is most likely going to have their face in the dirt. It would also mean that should you ToK a healer at full health and FoF/Leg Sweep lock them down, his life is at the mercy of his teammates not bursting you down.
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    Even though the dmg FIX is fine, it sucks the cooldown was increased to 1.5 min :/

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    I also forgot to mention Tigereye Brew will also affect your damage reflect now I suppose. As long as it is a Dmg/Defensive Modifier it will affect the numbers.

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    Based off his screenie. One timer says 2 minutes other is 1 minute so I would presume so the timer would be 2 minute > x > 1 minute. So ToK CD was increased by 30 seconds from 1.5 to 2 minutes.

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    Perhaps you should post another class going all out on you with ToK on them. Provide me their name and hopefully their armory is equipped with PvP gears. If you want to make my life simpler get them to state their exact HP, Resil. Also showing their damage on you would further improve the accuracy of the calculation. However I'm pretty confident with my formula and numbers and I doubt it's just a Mage thingy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    Even though the dmg FIX is fine, it sucks the cooldown was increased to 1.5 min :/
    The cooldown always was 1.5 min...

    It also shows as 1.5min on both wowdb.com and wowhead.com.

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    Haha, funny if you are the monk though. Mage popping cd's and blows himself up. Bad engineering experiment

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