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    Chicken help, less dps than i should



    Basically, I've played resto forever, but my new guilds got me rerolling balance. I've done a few fights as balance, but feel I can do more dps. Any help would be great, I'm just trying to build myself as a player.

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    Just curious, are you the person logging? or is it someone else
    (just from some logs perspectives)

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    Someone else does logs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liax View Post
    Someone else does logs.
    For this fight, that can be very unhelpful, unless your logger by chance is nearby you due to not being able to tell you what type of dps your doing at certain parts.
    I could be wrong but that is a issue quite a lot, For a good type of help.
    anyway, theirs not much you can do i believe except try to get maximum type not moving, and multidoting both the add your on, and the boss, and save cd's for returning from platform type of thing.

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