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    Profession Cooldowns, why back to the old way?

    Obviously I only found out when it hit 00:00am, but I see no other threads about it. Why did they change it back to the old way of waiting 24 hours from when it was used? I don't need to list the benefits it had as they were obvious, but it's just infuriating, why am I the only one p**sed off at it?

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    well try to read wow-insider, it's pushed back to 3 A.M. like the daily's. they do this to prevent you do 2 sets of daily's/crafting, in 1 gaming session ( 3/4 hours )

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    Ahh, ok. That's good enough for me, thanks. And I am TERRIBLY SORRY that I don't have access (or have heard about) to all the Fansites and what-not, I read Patch Notes where this ideally should have been.

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    It was actually posted by Blizzard here, as part of a larger change: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/2...-time-changes/

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