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    Skinning. good luck getting the mats off the AH!

    The worst by far was enchanting.. I had to COLLECT the mats from 1-350.... NEVER AGAIN!

    Everything else is pretty easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesus View Post
    Engineering, so freaking annoying. Bah, never again!
    Engineering is so easy, skilled it up on almost every character I ever created, can't play without it. =)

    Worst professions for me would be Jewelcrafting which I have probably never gotten past 200 before giving up, and Enchanting which I have never gotten above 100, even though I've tried to skill up both several times... ^^ Always end up frustrated at how annoying it is to skill up and delete it.

    Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, Leatherworking, Alchemy and Engineering are really easy though.

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    Engineering and BS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Enchanting was pretty bad. I found after the changes made to ones like engineering and jewelcrafting, Enchanting remains a freaking nightmare, cost wise, to max out. It must have cost me 3-4k to get it to pandaren level.
    3-4k? THat's almost for free really.... Leveling a profession during TBC or Wrath cost me more really...

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    Leatherworking, if you didn't level it while you leveled skinning.

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    LW, on my realm at least. Can't power level it because there's never more than 1 stack of any leathers from medium to rugged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saltyharbls View Post
    People who mention gathering professions must not understand what this thread is about. Herbalism, mining and skinning doesnt even compare to
    the horrible pain that is leveling crafting professions like engineering or blacksmithing. Its not even close.
    It really depends. Gathering profession have the advantage of being free and follow some clear zone progression. On the other hand, you still have to collect hundreds of herbs and kill thousands of beasts and there's no real way of speeding it up.

    Crafting? Well, if you have money to burn, it's usually just a matter of visitng AH every five minutes and burning through materials. 'Course, it can be horribly expensive and sometimes mats just aren't there. It's why I hated Leathworking - not only were materials hideously expensive, there weren't enough of them. Nothing like paying a fortune and still being forced to *ride* (that was pre-cataclysm) around the world, skinning hundreds of random monsters. And then you combine all those scraps into actual leather and find out that it's barely enough for a couple of items. It works pretty well if you work on it during actual leveling - since you can simply opt to grind some beasties - but when trying to get from 0 to 600 in one go... yeah.

    At least with Blacksmithing, ore is ore. There are no "ore scraps" that you combine into "normal ore".

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    How has no-one mentioned JC? From 200-300 is just pure painful. Don't even remember the names of the gems but the ones you get from Thorium and such.. omg.. never again!
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    I'm currently leveling Engineering on my new reroll (gave WoW a second chance). I don't think it's that bad anymore, as in the past I've leveled it to "current maximum" few times already (back then 375 and 525 respectively). I mean, I'm level 20 after one day's leveling and Engineering is already at 100 skill with just the materials I got from Mining occasional Veins I crossed while leveling, I haven't had to farm anything yet. Impressively even CRZ isn't affecting at all, at least on this low levels (and in rather less-famous leveling zones, Silverpine Forest etc.). It seems they even added multiple skill point recipes to low levels to speed this up. Sure, it's still complicated enough, when you always have to count the raw materials you need to make actual materials for the actual recipe.

    I guess Enchanting or Inscription would be most difficult to level, depends on what you choose to level with them (without Tailoring / Herbalism they would be quite painful).

    Also before I quited WoW I leveled Tailoring to 525 via AH only and the amounts of cloth are quite interesting especially in WotLK skill levels (1200+ Frostweave Cloth) and in any case, from Silk Cloth onwards you'll need more than 700 of each cloth type, have fun farming these.
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    Engineering! You need mats to make parts that are required by other parts that are needed for an item that needs even more parts to make another item :S

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    enchanting, i can never take myself to level that prof on my alt.

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    Yeah, BS/Eng overall, just because the mats cost a ton if you're not willing to farm them yourself. (At least through Wrath mats)

    Since CRZ leveling gathering professions has been AWFUL though. I'm willing to deal with the competition my medium pop server serves up at any given time, but having to deal with all the gold farmers throughout the Emberstorm BG is terrible. =(

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    Basically anything that's not a gathering profession. I leveled both blacksmithing and jewelcrafting on a toon with no gathering professions. It wasn't necessarily hard, but FUCK it was expensive.

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    Skinning / Leatherworking. have fun skinning Thick, Rugged and wrath leather.
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    I'm going to have to go with enchanting, I have only had 1 enchanter in my years of playing and it was a bitch to level then. LW is close behind just because leather is annoying to gather. Herb/mining you don't have to kill anything then loot, you can just stay on your mount if your a druid.

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    Archaeology. I've never hated a prof so much.

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    enchanting used to be hard, it's better now. Go farm old stuff, use shatters/combines to get what you need.. had plenty of mats to get to 600 just from panda quest rewards. Long gone are the days of sitting on top of the bank spamming trade for a BS to make me another goddamn ridiculous rod.

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    personally BS is/was pretty easy for me, i had tons of mats and rarely had to buy anything off the AH. LW is an absolute nightmare, from tedious amounts of skining for mats to the outrageous prices for the low quantity available in the AH. Tried to make my new monk replace my cata-level LW rogue, gave up at <250 level. Opted to go with herb/inscription. engineering was also a breeze with the amounts of ore im farming spread across 3 miners. my JC, Eng., and BS are all miners so im currently swimming in ore, in fact ive even had to put some extra surplus on the Ah since ive run out of bag space on a couple alts.

    hardest for me this expac actually is alchemy, since the good flasks require golden lotus that are stupid expensive and i have almost no luck finding nodes on my own.
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    All of them are easy, just get a guide :x

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    Archaeology before they increased the amount of nodes per spot.

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