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    Quote Originally Posted by The EagleOwl Mage View Post
    I think the story should be less about the cop and more about the fact that it is freezing out and we have people sitting outside with no shoes. I am tasked with patrolling the poor places of my city, I've seen some very horrible things. So many people are suffering and poor and the worst part is that it seems to go ignored.

    Months ago, me and a fellow officer were on patrol and it was pretty late, about 3ish AM if I remember correctly, we were driving by an alley way and my partner saw woman huddled by some trash cans. Something didn't look right so we decided to stop and see if she was okay. Turned out she was dead, just laying there for who knows how bloody long. Long enough to be stiff as a board and cold as ice. We had the body removed, did the background check to see if she had any family, discovered she didn't and so she was disposed of. I hated it so much, a person died and nobody cared, she wasn't in the news or even the paper.

    Bleh now I'm getting all sad.
    Dude you have to be careful, thats how you get bit by zombies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trunksee View Post
    Yes it happens but for good reason. We had a rash of break ins around me by a white male with a beard. I got pulled over for it while they loomed for the guy. Not my fault but if its more common for a particular type of people to be doing something in an area id expect to be pulled over if i fit that description.
    Usually people who think racial profiling is okay are the people who have never been on the receiving end of it. Fitting a description is not racial profiling. Racial profiling is presuming a person is guilty/up to something simply because of the color of their skin. Its usually involves questioning someone for no reason except for their skin color (as in they aren't looking for someone who matches a particular description). "Let me pull over this car of black males, I bet I can pin something on one of them."

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    Quote Originally Posted by The EagleOwl Mage View Post
    In Vancouver at least it's not people pretending to be homeless because they're too lazy to work. The cost of housing and real estate here is just too high for a lot of people. Most homeless people here used to have houses and lives but the cost of living became far too great for them.
    Yes, I understand, they probably lost their jobs due to crysis then lost their homes because of no jobs. Don't you have some special centers for such people though? I know that in some countries there's some ... sort of hotels for homeless people, where they can stay for the night and they get 2 meals.

    There's also some non-gouvernmental organizations that help these people find jobs and such (not in my country, but yours is more developed, so maybe you have some of these).

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    Obviously. We just always hear of the douches while the good guys are left in the dark mostly. And would be sad to see my sister's boyfriend suddenly turn asshole just cuz he became a cop.

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