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    Quote Originally Posted by vesseblah View Post
    Don't believe all shit you read in forums.

    See the irony?

    ps. There is nothing official about 5.2 raid yet. Nothing datamined and not a single word in blue posts.

    Exept the warlock quest and wrathion continue to be aktive on the spotlight for 5.2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    Nods toward N'zoth or Y'Shaaj (perhaps one of them being a hardmode only boss)
    Y'Shaarj is dead. Truly dead, not imprisoned.

    And Metzen said in an interview N'zoth will not appear in Pandaria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nnelson54 View Post
    They didn't retcon anything about Y'Shaarj or the Old Gods in MoP.

    P.S. I already know what you're going to claim is a retcon, and it's not. All that was previously stated before was that killing the Old Gods would destroy Azeroth. It was never said how they figured that fact out. Clearly the devastation wrought by Y'Shaarj's death is what made them realize that hey, maybe we should find a different way to deal with these guys.
    They've been stated to be parasitically linked to Azeroth systemically. That's all that's needed to be said.

    The Sha are the last breath and will of Y'Shaarj, there's nothing that implies they needed Azeroth involved at all for them to manifest - they've also not caused any systemic destruction to the world, in fact, they're actually very simple to even stop manifesting, even when they do, they're fairly easy to vanquish.

    To my mind, it is then a retcon that killing old gods would cause catastrophic damage to Azeroth due to the infestation the old gods have caused by evidence of the fact that Y'Shaarj has been killed and no catastrophic damage was caused to Azeroth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    I believe it was in reference to the scale, not the design of the instance.

    That is, it will have lots of bosses and feel like a big place.

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    Just to add my speculation:

    14 bosses
    Troll theme with mogu accent
    New 5 man to fit with it
    Underground labyrinth
    Pseudo-gods as bosses
    Nods toward N'zoth or Y'Shaaj (perhaps one of them being a hardmode only boss)
    That would make me happy.

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    Please no Troll Raid... it's ok as a 5man instance, but generally everything related to trolls feels less epic than the rest of wow lore.
    We had Elegon in MV as a hint that there is quite some Titan-technology in Pandaria so maybe it will go in this direction again.

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    Ulduar Style Raid? I don't think so...
    It's like: "We are going to make better Diablo 2!" -> They made Diablo 3 -> "Uhmm... We can't..."
    ( I like both games though and think they have their good sides and bad sides)

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    meh ulduar was pretty fucking lame tbh, hopefully they'll make it a little more entertaining and for the love of god don't give us a raid with 12+ bosses-

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    Big raids have this problem; it can take a long time to clear. In LFR mode you can break it up into sections (maybe 3 - 4 LFR sections that you queue for separately) Normal mode and heroic mode you have to just get on with it. This can make it a bit of a grind though.

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    "Plenty of 5.2 info soon-ish. Hint: Delicious Raid! " by Dave Kosak, via twitter 27nov. it could be an Ulduar-style raid ^^

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    At this point we don't know anything about 5.2. Please don't spread rumors that you heard it is going to be an Ulduar-style raid, because you will get a lot of people's hopes up.

    All we know about 5.2 is that there will be a raid. No idea how many bosses, no idea at all if there will be any "Ulduar-style" fights. Probably not, as they don't turn out well for LFR, and all raid bosses are currently designed with LFR in mind.

    And we can assume there will be 1000000000 more dailies in 5.2 that will have rewards exclusively linked to doing dailies. We know this because of MoP precedent, and the hundreds of blue posts where CMs defend all the dailies... which means they aren't going anywhere. No where have we had any signs that the 5.2 raid will even be remotely close to Ulduar. We do know for the last 2+ years people have been praising Ulduar left and right (and wanting Blizzard to make another one), and Blizzard has still failed to deliver something as good as Ulduar ever since it came out, so it is pretty safe to assume 5.2 will disappoint as well.... but let's just hope it isn't another FL or DS.
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    Ulduar style raid more catered towards how heroic modes were done. You had to activate them by doing x or y. The large scale was done a lot. MC, AQ40, the scale of ulduar is massive, but vehicles/ability to use mounts put it on terms with the afore mentioned. (AQ doesnt count because getting 40 people with the battle tanks was a complete bitch and almost useless due to trash. in every sq ft.)

    I hope there is a activate your own heroic mode effect on some bosses, I loved those fights. But I don't think that will happen because just flipping a switch allows more room to change the encounter all together and makes a better and "fun filled" challenge in the end. (except yogg-0...)

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    It will probably be on the PTR in 3-6 weeks anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artame View Post
    "Plenty of 5.2 info soon-ish. Hint: Delicious Raid! " by Dave Kosak, via twitter 27nov. it could be an Ulduar-style raid ^^
    pleeaaase, pleeeeeeaaasee, another ulduar style raid

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