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    WTF has happened...? All actions gone + ''You Can't Speak in that Language''

    WTF has happened as it says in the title, I logged in to Wow, and all my actions on my actions bars were gone + I can't speak in that language when i try to write something? This is really strange... anyone knows what it could be?

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    I'm guessing you already exited the game and tried again, yes?

    Is your game up to date? Are there any corrupt files? When is the last time you played and it was normal?

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    A bug? i guess you tried relogging and stuff... weird though

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    idk but you have a real id friend's real name in your screenshot.
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    It almost looks like that some character data must of somehow got wiped.... write a GM ticket IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shokter View Post
    idk but you have a real id friend's real name in your screenshot.
    Does it matter with shit pages like Facebook arround ?

    Write GM Ticket your Char is bugged

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