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    So a number of guys in my office and 3 of the 5 people on my team play SWTOR. I played at early access and then until mid Jan. I quit because I just got fed up with the ability lag, Ilum fail, end game bugs, lag with more than 10 people in 1 space (well you know what I mean). After a LOT of prodding I decided to renew my sub and come back.

    I've played a marauder and decided to level a juggy to tank.

    On coming back I see a lot of the issues which plagued the game from launch are still here. Then today, I'm leveling artifice and get two new schematics from a shield reverse engineering, I'm stoked one of the patterns is pretty sweet. I log out and log into my marauder to farm more mats. I log back in and much to my chagrin I found out that I no longer know these awesome now schematics. I'm like WTF?!?!?

    Head over to the forums, looks like this is an ongoing problem and BioWare's solution? Don't reverse engineer. Well no shit, lol.

    What's the point of my post? Well, I guess I just don't understand why a development shop like Trion can pump out amazing content so quickly, engage with the community so frequently, listen to feed back, address game problems and provide (at least my experience) quality customer service, while a shop like BioWare just seems to fail in ever single aspect.

    I'm of course speaking rhetorically here, I know the answers but it still freaking boggling how quality engineers both software and network can just not seem to produce a quality product and experience.

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    I hear you. As someone who RE's a lot I can understand your frustration. A couple of things though:

    1) Not everyone is having this problem. I learnt 4 schematics while RE'ing yesterday.
    2) The problem/bug is 3 day's old.
    3) Bioware posted on the forums within hours of the problem being reported and acknowledged it
    4) They replied earlier today saying 'until they fix it, don't RE'. What else could they say? 'RE to your heart's content, screw the bug, go for it guys, knock yourselves out'? No, of course not. They quite rightly told everyone suffering with this to avoid RE'ing until they manage to fix it.

    So in conclusion I don't think they fail in every single aspect. I do think their Customer Service (via tickets) sucks horribly but they often communicate bugs and their fixes well enough on the forums imo.

    Just wanted to let you know that we're still heavily investigating this issue and your reports have helped. If you are currently experiencing this issue, please refrain from reverse engineering items until we provide a solution to this. This issue only occurs when learning schematics from reverse engineering. You can still learn schematics from trainers and items without any problems.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusher View Post
    There is plenty to criticize with the game and BioWares handling of it without resorting to exaggeration, so let's not do it : /

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    Thread and title isn't worthy of it's own thread. Please use one of the similar existing threads to continue your discussion.
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