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    Amber Shaper Un'sok 10man (N) - Where can we do better?

    As the title says, we did some tries on Amber Shaper tonight. However, people kept dying from parasitic growth, tanks were getting reshape life right before monstrosity spawns and so on. When we did get to Phase 2, we couldn't identify what people were dying from.

    I'm currently wondering three things :

    (1), Which healer are healing the player with growth?

    (2), With current dps, will we clear the enrage? If not, which players need to shape up?

    (3), What, exactly are we failing at in phase 2?

    Tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Lots of thanks in beforehand !
    *edit. Apparently i cant link our WoL logg because i need to "post a few times".
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    Best healers for Parasitic Growth are Disc Priests, followed by Holy Paladins with Sacred Shield. Absorb effects completely negate the mechanic.

    Enrage is not a problem as long as you make it to Phase 3 with everyone alive. In Phase 3, the debuff will stack to like 300% or something crazy like that and the Mutated Constructs melee will for 500k+ each hit.

    This is an INTERRUPT fight that requires everyone transformed to be able to hit an interrupt within 2.5 seconds. At your gear level, 1 failed interrupt will most likely result in a wipe. If you have raiders who consistently failed at Fading Light / Hour of Twilight on Ultraxion, expect them to shape up their reaction speed or your group will never beat this boss. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to help them here, short of pushing their buttons for them.

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    Can't speak as to what the healers were doing with parasitic growth, we had a disc priest shielding some. Generally damage is low enough in p1 and p2 (so long as explosions are interupted) that our healers were letting a lot of the damage go through and only healing when the debuffed person was low/debuff duration was almost expired.

    The key thing to note is that the boss will cast amber scalpal, then reshape life two seconds after that scalpal ends. The thing to realise with this in phase one is that once he begins casting scalpal i believe he's already selected his reshape life target. As in it will be the tank. So say if you take him to 70% and monstrosity spawns, but he's just started or part way through his amber scalpal. He WILL select a tank on next reshape life cast. So to avoid a tank being selected if thats what you don't want you want to delay dps so he's pushed to p2 about 10 seconds or so prior to a scalpal. Even if that means getting another tank construct thats ok as the enrage timer is very generous (minimum 9 minutes though I've never seen it).

    For my raid group on our first kill (today in fact >.<) we literally sat in p1 for six constructs on our hands. Then essentially had all p2 constructs sit in it for the rest of the fight and nuked the monstrosity. Whenever living ambers spawned we popped them ofc but other than that pure training the monstrosity. It was dead before it tried to cast its second amber explosion every time.

    Quite possibiltiy the most important factor in determining the fight is that at some point you need to drag out the fight to get enough amber pools to survive phase 3. So you either need to drag it out in phase one or phase 2. Since phase 1 can be done in as few as two constructs if your dps is on track, and even accounting for breaking constructs in p2 you can kill monstrosity in 3... thats not really enough pools to get you through p3. We found that since p2 is more complicated and damage intensive that dragging out p1 was the better course of action. Of course then it comes down to practice. Your first phase 2 construct has to perform well and eat a couple of pools early on to replenish willpower (since if you leave it too low with how we were doing it his amber explosion coincides with construct hitting 20-30 energy and player running off to eat). Once you nail that first amber explosion and manage to get it so you don't lose the debuff stuck when doing so monstrosity should be dead when the boss is casting his third amber scalpal (so 40 seconds after 2nd p2 construct).

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverStop View Post
    This is an INTERRUPT fight that requires everyone transformed to be able to hit an interrupt within 2.5 seconds.
    Basically this. HPS, DPS, and tank survival are pretty trivial for Amber-Shaper. There are three distinct kinds of fights: single-responsibility checks (or "awareness" checks), HPS/DPS checks, and a mix of the two that create truly difficult fights. Amber-Shaper is very clearly the former, the key to beating it is just focusing on the mechanics and not getting killed by them, everything else falls into place.

    As for Parasitic Growth, have one healer assigned to heal it and tell the other healers to not even touch it. Disaster strikes when the person is at half health and everyone panics, throwing heals onto them that end up overhealing and causing the debuff to stack a lot. If you have a Monk or Resto Druid that does a lot of "accidental" aoe healing just because of smart heals, stick them on the Growth healing as their hots should cover it.

    There are only three things that can kill you on the fight: Bad interrupts, Growth overhealing, and standing in pools. Handle each one and then you'll be golden.

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    For growth you should only heal that person when they need healing person with growth should call out on vent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeshmi View Post
    Interesting tactic. I really like the "draggin" out thing. Thus generating a lot of pools in p1. Do you have specific "killing positions" for ambers to make pools appear in the correct position?

    The bonus of keeping all constructs alive in p2 (drinking pools generated in p1) is having a ton of them ready for p3 for quickly stacking the stack on the boss.

    The only RNG I can think of is your 2 healers being the first 2 selected constructs in p2 (10man) ...
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    are you supposed to 2 heal or 3 heal this fight?

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    We 3 heal it, since if you 2 heal it and a healer gets turned then you're down to 1 healer.

    Personally we don't bother keeping a monstrosity up in p1 or p2, sure having a construct on the monstrosity full time in p2 shortens p2 but then you'll run out of amber for p3 anyway.

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    It's a two heal fight. The damage is trivial unless an explosion comes out from the Monstrosity or Construct, and the latter shouldn't ever happen, and the former's danger can be mitigated by cooldowns from the rest of the raid. Having a single healer out for a minute or so is better than having three doing something like 30k HPS each for the duration of the fight.

    There's just not enough damage to justify three, even if there are moments where your two healers will have play well.

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    Make sure constructs are right clicking on the add they are interrupting. Right clicking does the constructs melee swing "smash" it accounts for about 15-20% of damage done to the big add making this phase a joke. Also use smash in phase 3. Make sure all ranged are killing the slime adds ASAP.
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    check out my video from a monk brewmaster POV, you'll prob hear a lot of things called out in vent, pay attention.


    its ok to have couple people die in the end, and have most turn into construct and win!

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    One of the biggest issues in p2 is having a construct active if the BIG monstrosity is casting the explosion. It is possible that the person in the construct actually has to delay leaving it (thus drinking pools) because of an incoming explosion of the BIG flame thingy.
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    @Parasitic groth:
    Well aside from the obvious absorption choices (paladin, disc priest) monks also have a strong absorb ability too.
    Furthermore the effect is cheesable by mechanics like iceblock and bubble (can't always do that of course but it's nice to know I guess).
    Make sure the player gets ot of the group ASAP so he isn't getting hit with AoE heals. (If you are melee this means you cannot run in and dps either.)

    @Tank getting reshape life:
    My group keeps the boss close to monstrosity spawn for some time to get additional slime pools. Then we dps the tank down to 20% clear the slimes and pop him. The enrage is really not much of an issue if you do p2+3 right (imo). This way you will never have a problem about a messy transition.

    You want everyone to gradually transform into monstrosities for p3 (unless they are healers or tanks). Obviously eventually you will run out of pools and people will go crazy and die. This is the real "enrage" on this fight.

    Also we 3 healed it but 1 healer was weak so with lucky RNG you could 2 heal it.
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    Do your healers have Parasitic Growth tracked on whichever frames they use? I use Grid, and I added Parasitic Growth as a debuff which makes knowing who has it very easy to see. If your healers are unable to identify who has the debuff, then they need to be using a raid frame that allows them to add debuffs.

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    are you supposed to 2 heal or 3 heal this fight?
    2 heal. Even if a healer gets chosen, the other healer should easily be able to solo heal for the 30-45 seconds your chosen healer is out of commission.[COLOR="red"]
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