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    Quote Originally Posted by JhanZ View Post
    Couldn't think of a better title, hopefully no one gets the entitled impression from it. Basically what do you hope/want/think is going to come in 5.2? First of all, Blizzard said 5.1 is a "smaller patch" and thus was easy to get out to the public, only 2 months after release. 5.2 is clearly a bigger project and likely won't arrive for 4-6 months. So, here's what I personally think might come:

    - New raid (obviously) (12-14 bosses?)
    - New storyline progression quests
    - Legendary continuation
    - New battleground

    What else could come? New world pvp areas/opportunities, maybe a new arena map? Maybe a feature that's completely new?

    -A big chunk of bosses in one raid.
    -I can live without quests - not a lore fan, really.
    -Legendary continuation will happen. It's one big process through the patches of the expansion
    -No, please, no. No more battlegrounds. Either make the current ones better, fix some minor bugs... polishing the current ones, to be precise, would be a better idea than creating a new battleground entirely. We have something that allows us to ignore 2 battlegrounds queueing for random, and we could use a third. Let's not hope for a 4th if that one is bad. Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard mines are pretty fun, though. Strand could use some polishing.
    - Cross-Realm Zones, for instance, could use some hotfixes.
    - World PvP areas are good, even on PvE server. There are always some PvP fans out there willing to mount along and get some PvP action.
    - We have plenty of arena maps, but we could use 1 or two more.
    - I'm sorry, new features would have to wait. There are plenty of features with bugs (can't name on top of my head). We have plenty already.


    I would expect a 5.2 to be revamped and polished, rather than including more things that would create more bugs and broken things.

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    A new raid: Troll based, 10-12 bosses maybe a 'tank centric' boss, something where Tanks have to do something other than 'swap at X stacks' or 'handle some add and the boss' think Alys. And of course with a new raid tier, also a new armor tier, themed after the enemies in the raid.

    a couple of new 5mans: Troll based, nice gear, maybe on a level with the stuff from this tiers raids. average difficulty, somewhere between HoT and Zandalari heroics.

    More dailies: continuing the story started in 5.1, more of Garrosh being a tool, more Belf story lines more Sha stuff. A whole new zone as well, not just a new bit in an old zone.

    a new world boss: doesn't have to be another Sha, but it would drop legs/gloves of the new tier and require 25 people MINIMUM, maybe 30/40.

    more Darkmoon Faire stuff: new attractions, some fun fun shit to do to kill time, it IS a faire after all.

    more Scenarios: They're fun, but they get old fast.

    continuation of the Black Prince legendary quests: I wanna know what happens damnit , maybe even with upgraded versions of the old Sha Touched items, to make the current with drops from the new tier.

    so yeah... not asking for much
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon9870 View Post
    - The following speccs/classes are buffed as to not be sat on the benches nor feel penalized for playing them: Mage (Arcane and Fire [Post-nerf]), Druid (Balance), Shaman (Elemental), Warlock (Demonology and Destruction), Monk (Windwalker), Rogue (Combat [Non-cleave]), Hunters (EVERYTHING) and whatever else I forgot that Ghostcrawler fails at buffing (or in the case of Fire Mages, fixing over-nerfing) [Sorry Melee! I don't know you guys too well!]

    - Mages: We realized Mage L90 talents are not fun and should have listened to the entire community since Beta. We've scrapped them so Mages can have fun once again. This should make the Mage community accept our apology for overly nerfing Fire in a sucker-punched Hotfix 3 days after 5.1 went live due to our unprofessionalism.
    Fire is not bad, it's going to be right next to Frost, if not a little lower. It's not a nerf it's a fix. Sorry you can't be 70k ahead of your other specs. Sad, isn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asphyx5 View Post
    5.2 = More Grind

    Welcome to Mists of Grindaria
    Sorry the welfare tabard rep and gear got lost in the mists and drowned...guess you have to actually try to get lewts for a change

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    Ability to play alts the same way I could in cata.

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    new battle grounds are always nice too

    maybe turn gunship into a battle ground?

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    Would like at least a couple of new 5 man dungeons (wish they'd make more dungeons and less scenarios that I will probably never play again once i've got the achieves).

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    all I want is an apology from blizzard about the current state of the priest class, and their plans on how they are going to fix it.

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    The thunderking. And it'll involve Zandalar and perhaps king rastakhan, a conclusion to the troll story that started in cata.


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    And his troll-pals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arian21 View Post
    (Probably) a crappy raid and (probably) 1 more crappy rep to grind dailies with . oh ... did I mention more wotlk style speeddungeons ? Anyway, they will have to outdo themselves for me to come back . atm I have stopped playing .

    Soo, you saying that T14 is fail?

    Also, have you even DONE challenge modes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moounter View Post
    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    1x 5-Man Dungeon
    1x Raid
    1x Green Fire for Warlocks
    1x Blue Fire for Warlocks as compensation for the lack of green fire in 5.1

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    the one things I really want is a balance between the great burst and crappy sustained damage my ret paladin does in pvp. While the model of bursting isnt new for ret I feel that right now its down time is a little lacking. 5 min between your highest burst phases, you can get away with marginal burst every three or so but in between the sustained damage just falls short.

    Playing a warrior I am acustomed to bursting with lower bouts of sustained but there is a nice balance with warriors which comes mainly from their being enough filler abilities to bridge the gap on their abilities that have a CD. Ret dosent have this, Judge, Crusader strike, Exorcisim then waite for the CD's to cycle. Build three holy power for your templars verdict.

    Anyways,something Id like to see is a mana consumeing attack added, something to do to give us a better way to bridge the gap that has a fair bit of damage. A high mana cost for its use would be ok, that way to detur spamming it but instead incourage it to be a part of the actual rotation to prevent resource depletion.

    Dunno, just a thought..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellation View Post
    New player model previews at least would be nice. I wanna see the possible ways my characters are going to be forcibly changed on me so I can determine whether or not I should continue playing.
    This mentality is what's holding back the model remakes. Seriously, you want to keep the player models looking like Quake 2 characters because you're uncomfortable with change or coming into the 21st century? How do you even know it'll be forced and not an option to use the new models (as has been hinted at even)?

    You don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northy View Post
    Elemental Shaman Buffs + Overhaul.
    This along with some serious buffs to reputation gains for golden lotus etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    A massive buff to Arcane.
    Arcane doesn't need a damage buff, just a bit more mobility.

    I'd like to see transmog restrictions lifted. Spirits and Skyshards going BoA, as well as Cloud Serpent Flight training. A hint or preview of Character models by then. Removal of the 11 character slots/server restriction. Cross-realm BoAs. System to retrieve/purchase/restore old quest items. PvP power caps so that you cannot deal extra damage beyond the 0 resilience mark.

    Some serious and massive repair to the garbage known as Night Elf lore. Whatever epic thing Tyrande was supposed to do in MoP I'd hope happens before the Siege of Orgrimmar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mukki View Post
    This mentality is what's holding back the model remakes. Seriously, you want to keep the player models looking like Quake 2 characters because you're uncomfortable with change or coming into the 21st century? How do you even know it'll be forced and not an option to use the new models (as has been hinted at even)?

    You don't.
    I don't know any more than you, but I'm satisfied with how my toons look. You're not satisfied with yours, don't screw over mine? Don't condescend to me because you don't give a damn about how your characters look beyond "they need to look new". It's not holding anything back, I'd rather drive a 20 footer classic car than a shiny, brand new fugly box of crap. And I haven't much faith in Blizzard to deliver on something aesthetically pleasing to people like me since they rather opt to appeal to those who *don't* play the race we enjoy.
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    pvp balance

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    Giant. Troll. Raid.

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    Zandalari Island, a troll raid and some old god as the last boss.

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    new player models PLEASE!!
    new raid is obvious and will be the main content of the patch.

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