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    Haste breakpoint 8089 with 4pc or 5273 with about 2600 more crit? (boomkin)

    I was under the impression that the haste breakpoint would be better or am i wrong?
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    I have also been thinking about the both, but in order to get there i would have almost zero crit and mastery left. So i decided that i would go for the 8089breakpoint when i still have some crit left after. Otherwise almost no SS procs.

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    does that much haste allow you to keep both eclipsed dots up 100% of the time? if you can do that, plus the extra breakpoint, it would probably be worth losing the procs

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    In a similar boat myself (armoury in sig)

    Atm I have About 6300 haste, and can't get it lower (other than gaining mastery I don't want/need?)

    Hopefully I get my tier legs later tonight, which will give me 6500ish (whilst reforging away from haste!)

    I'm thinking instead of continuing to get rid of the haste I have, maybe with the 4pc I should encourage it, and go for the 'final' breakpoint this tier.

    My main question is; whilst the break points are usually an upgrade when viable; is there a proposed 'key amount' of crit + mastery to maintain whilst reaching said breakpoint. In other words, with the top end BP, I predict I'll have around 500 Mastery, and 5300 Crit. Is this enough, should they be more balanced?

    (I saw another balance druid reforging to mastery, thinking myself it isn't worth it, but maybe its for HEAVY AOE (I mean proper astralstorm/hurricane) AOE on a particular HC mode?


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    Iam testing around that strategy on my own since a couple of days and my personal conclusion on lfr runs and training dummy dps tests is: there is no dps difference.

    I have first tryed reaching first breakpoint with 4set boni (~3800 haste) and full crit.
    Then i took the haste run with ~8100 haste and whats left on crit.

    In have done ~4 hours testing each way on dummy and thats the results with my gear and only selfbuffed (489):

    Full haste: 69k
    Crit: 69k

    Myb wrathcalcs are better in those things but i was bored and so tryed it on my own

    Imo is soul of the forrest and heart of the wild with 4pt a very nice steady and not bursty way and lines up very smoothly with the full haste playstyle. Ofc its the same "style" like the crit way, but because of the speed in changing lunar/solar it feals better for me.

    Now i am no longer a beastmaster with bursty cds and nothing behind that if i got stunned, mindcontrolled or feared while my cds are running. Instead i do steady dmg when ever possible.

    What did you think about that?

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    One should play as one desires to play. As we can see there are alot of different setups posible, none are per difinition bad or good. In a full single target encounter, like a patchwerk simulation, the high haste breakpoint will probably get you the best result. Whereas running with less haste and more crit will result in better numbers when you get a chance to multi dot. The high mastery build is probably someone set for running challenge mode's where you need a great deal of hurricane / astrall storm damage combined with your cd's, or someone thats actually a healer playing offspec.

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    If you have the 4pc, the lower breakpoint is somewhere around 3.6k, not 5.3k, so the question is a bit off.

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    [/COLOR]so the most haste i can drop down to is about 3800-3900 and i then have 9000 crit. is this worth it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mythiix View Post
    [/COLOR]so the most haste i can drop down to is about 3800-3900 and i then have 9000 crit. is this worth it?
    Yes and no. Depends on the content you are pushing. For a lot of heroic fights there is a good amount of movement involved and so lowering your haste closer to the 3800-ish mark (so long as it increases your crit at the same amount and not losing haste but increasing mastery as haste past a breakpoint is still better than mastery) and gaining that in crit yields more starsurges and thus better dps while moving. Extra haste past a breakpoint really doesn't equate to more starsurge procs so it's only better if you are more stagnant and just casting like on Feng. But other fights where you move more, the crit is far superior and it isn't really a lose in single target either so i'd personally go that route.

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