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    I'm on a full realm, and my faction dwarfs the other, and I'd like CRZ in pandaria because the entire place seems fairly dead of people outside of level 90 daily hubs. A couple of weeks after MoP launch, it's been like that. The world is seemingly dead except the max level daily zones. I like seeing lots of people Not an entire questing zone with ~5 people.

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    Anyone mentioned the tenacity-style buffs or just not had the oppertunity to notice them.

    I haven't done much research so shoot me down if I'm wildly off, I think my server is about 70% alliance, 30% horde, although respect to the horde they usually win the world PvP things like city raids or breaking Galleon or Sha raids... anyway

    When the horde capture a tower in Krasarang and are nearby they got a buff (noticed this on Monday afternoon I think) when near the oil rig area they had 24% more HP and dmg done (not sure if it was healing as well) and when over on the Alliance side of the zone near the tower there they got 23%. I did the leap of imagination to assume this was some form of the tenacity buff from Wintergrasp re-appearing (and tbh it was great fun back thne so all strength to it, what started off as me getting roflstomped by another paladin, a friend joined me, so the horde got a friend, we got 2 more, he got another, and 4 vs 3 was kinda balancing out so had a good ruckus for a while in the afternoon Refreshing change from normal days activity

    Anyone else noticed these buffs or do the opposing faction somply control all of the nodes in that zone permanently. IF it is a resurrecton of Tenacity and populations are as poorly balanced as some of you say (and I don't doubt they are ) could be fun to launch a quick raid, fly in with 5 or 6 of you, cap a tower fast and then mow down all the enemy bully-boys who try to come gank you with you 200% inc HP and dmg (or however high it gets when that outnumbered)

    Anyway, yeah, getting killed by lots of people isn't fun. As you were
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