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    Need some cheering up

    First off, some backstory: First time I saw my brother play WoW I laughed abit and never thought I would pick up the game. He gave me a guest pass and I started an undead mage. The same mage I play today (tho its a panda now). Didnt do much PVE in vanilla, mostly PVP but joined a guild at the start of TBC and then another one when the first guild died during the time between BT and Sunwell. Most kills have been pre-nerf/realm first and we had a place usually between 50-80 in the world 25-man. Nowdays I dont have the time to commit to raiding so I usually just LFR, join in on some alt-raids, do dailys, FARM(!), solo stuff for transmog and so on. And I feel pretty good about that, theres actually alot of things to do even tho I sometimes miss raiding alot.

    I've always felt that my mage have been strong (maybe not so much when we got Sunwelled) and I have never regretted my choice (and I mean cmon, portals for the effing win). I have had tons of fun but lately I have looked at my mage and just felt a bit bored.

    Playing fire almost feels the same way it did when playing it in late TBC. Never been a big fan of arcane but it did the job. Managing mana maybe wasnt the most fun, especially when some shit happend and everything went down the drain, but atleast it gave the feeling of something new to the class. Always liked frost for questing and farming and now it is also doing pretty good in PVE but I just dont think it have the same flow as fire can have. But the feeling I have is that, even tho with some changes here and there, it all looks and feels the same.

    Same boring fireball, same boring frostbolt, a lame ass pet that looks like its stuck in vanilla beta (tho we can turn of its sound!), dont get me started on arcane... guess missiles looks "cool" (not really). Popping some cooldowns? Doesnt really show at all. And this is just the look of the class. And pretty much feels the same when it comes to playing it. Blowing of same boring ass cooldowns, same proccs and so on.

    Now I know we through the years have gotten new spells, revamps to speccs and what not but somehow the class just feels so old. And ppl will maybe throw out dates from not long ago showing that some spell indeed had new graphics or whatever but... yeah. Have had this feeling about the class for a long time but maybe its just now, when I'm not only dedicated to raiding, that it actually "bothers" me.

    I dunno, just wanted to get that off my chest. Its not like I'm going to switch main, have a couple of other alt but nothing beats my mage. What do you peeps think/feel about this?

    (Late and tired so sorry for any grammar/spelling/whatnot)

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    I feel like this might start a needless discussion on which spec is better and requires more skill and it might attract trolls so I'll just lock the thread.
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