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    Over capping Hit, how much is too much?

    Hey there,

    Right now I'm at almost 12%. Mastery is on the back burner for me as I don't think my Crit rating is high enough to support it, just yet. I'm at 20%.

    I'm kind of amazed because in most fights it used to be number 1 but now it's doing close to 30% of my damage at times. With increased damage (taken) mechanics only Execute can get close.

    So yeah...

    Thanks in advance,
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    I was messing around with high hit for a while and actually quite enjoyed it. With my crit hitting 23% unbuffed as smf I opted to switch back to mastery, but I can definitely see myself going back to hit for a while to test the waters.

    I also think its worth noting that I'm troll, so the extra hit definitely comes into play for zerking (and lust.)

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