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    Conquest point help...

    So...having just dinged last week and earning all my conquest through randoms, I got the pleasure of getting my honor gear and heading to arena/rated bgs this week.

    Even though I had no cr I got into an rbg with my exp (shock horror I know). So to my delight we won our match and I got my 400 conquest points and thought happy days. I started noticing in arena then I wasn't going over the 1800 cq point cap even though I'd done an rbg??? I ticketed a GM to get told that I need to do rated and random bgs and arena. The stupidest reply I could have ever gotten. Is this working as intended?? Or can you only get the 400 cq from the rated after you've capped 1800 in arena. It makes no sense to me at all. Hopefully someone can enlighten me?


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    As discussed much in the past, you can gain conquest in two different ways.

    Random BG/Arena

    The first "cap" can be filled by all three ways to gain conquest. After that first cap the only way to gain is RBG. (unless your arena rating is much much higher than your RBG, but I am guessing that will not be the case for most everyone).

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    Yup, you can only get the last 400 CP from rated after you've capped the arena CP.

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    The only annoying part is after you have capped through Arena/Random BGs is that if you que up for another Random BG it still says you will get honor and conquest from a win. Just taunting at you saying you will get it, but never will lol. So dumb.

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    I started WoW about 2 months ago, I played every weekdays after work and the whole weekend. I love to have a toon that owes 1 PvP so I can play RBG or Arena and 1 PvE set that I can do raids with my guild mates, but in reality I really doubt I'll have the time to obtain a Tier 14 set for PvE before the new set is out. So I've decide to just focus on PvP gear first, but the point cap would really hurt my progress once I hit the cap, in another word, I have nothing else to do in the game besides doing PvE contents. Wouldn't it be better if the game has no point cap and will also allow players to convert points more freely? ie: VP to CP, or HP to CP.

    I am also trying to make my CP cap higher by doing RBG, but I can't get into any RBG, I tried every where but I would need a high CR (I have 0 CR right now). Can someone recommend me any guild that mainly do RBG?

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