View Poll Results: Which actor plays the best James Bond?

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  • Sean Connery

    86 38.57%
  • George Lazenby

    0 0%
  • Roger Moore

    15 6.73%
  • Timothy Dalton

    6 2.69%
  • Pierce Brosnan

    61 27.35%
  • Daniel Craig

    55 24.66%
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    Pierce Brosnan purely because of Nostalgia. He was the Bond I grew up with and hence the Bond that stuck in my mind the most.

    Although that said I'm not really a Bond fan, I enjoy the movies as long as they are 'Good', but I don't really care whether I see one or not.
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    Daniel Craig is pretty close, but it's kinda hard to beat Sean Connery. The guy was picked out by Flemming himself! Hell he even fudged Bonds background to make him 1/2 scottish, how can anyone beat that
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    Sean Connery and Roger Moore, to me, are pretty close. I do like Daniel Craig though, he is much better than any of the other 007's outside of Connery/Moore.

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    how is this even a debate -_- Sean Connery IS James Bond just like Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark. Danny Craig comes in close 2nd!

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    Could have sworn we've done this already.. but okay. Roger Moore for me, with Sean Connery in a close, close 2nd.

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    Pierce Brosnan got me into Bond as well as the Goldeneye game on the N64... wouldn't say he's the best bond though... Its gotta be Connery

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    I challenge anyone who didn't vote for Daniel Craig to see Skyfall. It's easily my favorite Bond movie.

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    Brosnan. But mostly because I wasn't really into Bond movies beyond that era.
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    I'm going to have to go with Daniel Craig.

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    There is no other bond than Brosnan or Connery

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    I weep for the kids voting for Brosnan. He was a horrible Bond and his movies sucked otherwise too.
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    They were all good, especially Sean Connery of course, but I say Pierce Brosnan because that's the James Bond I grew up with. Of all of his James Bond movies, Goldeneye was my favorite. That movie was a major part of my 90's childhood. I must've watched it at least 10 times when I was a kid.
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    Definitely Brosnan. Nailed the overall feel of the "bond character" perfectly in my book. Connery coming in as a very close second.
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    I cant vote for sean connery as I want to punch the screen every time I see the pillock (supports independant scotland, lives somewhere else, only visits for pr reason, total self centred twat).

    But I think both craig and brosnan were good, though Brosnan is better I think, he captures the cold killer thing, but still manages the humour better. Craig is a bit more hardcore, but not so great at the wry humor that makes bond what it is.

    Dalton and forgotten, and moore....well it was not really bond, he's good and all, he was a bit too much hairdos and cocktails.
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    For me it's Connery > Craig > Brosnan for my top are okay, Moore wasn't bad I just think he was kind of boring.

    Connery was great, in part because he was the original guy but he is also a great actor. He had a good mix of talent that really fits the role.

    Craig definitely feels like a much 'colder' down to business guy than the others, and in that regard I feel he is probably the most 'realistic' agent if such a term can be applied. The last two movies were meh but not because of him IMO...I want to see more like Casino Royale.

    Brosnan I think definitely was the best Bond in terms of his charm/sarcasm. To me he often seemed out of place in a lot of the action scenes as I just don't see him as an action kind of actor.

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    I think Sean Connery is the best actor, but Daniel Craig's bond is a better written and presented character, and Craig does just fine in that role.

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    Poor Lazenby ain't getting no respect.
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    1. Pierce Brosnon
    2. Daniel Craig
    3. Sean Connery

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    I'll admit I've never watched many of the Bond films and I have not seen Skyfall yet. I've only seen bits and pieces of Connery era movies but I've been meaning to watch them. My vote goes to Daniel Craig. Connery would probably win me over if I watched his films though. Craig just fits the image of Bond to me. A tough gritty man encased in a smooth British gentlemen's outer coating. Pierce Brosnan just seems like too much of a pretty boy to me. Even though I loved Goldeneye and thought his Bond movies were enjoyable Craig beats him out easily.

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    To me, Pierce Brosnan was the best James Bond, but his movies were not the best movies.

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