I'm after a guild that will regularly raid and can assure me a spot on their team, so that I may participate as much as possible. Normal 10/25 man is fine, and I can also do Heroic if necessary. But I will be fine with just the Normal-grade gear.

I'm a Level 90 BM Hunter, meaning I'm a DPSer. I know my class very well and can dish out a lot of damage over the course of a boss fight (buffs help of course). I've raided before in the past (MoP and others), just not as often as I wanted to. I'm after certain gear, most notably the bow dropped by the final MSV boss, as well as a list of other items, so being in a regular raiding team would greatly help me with achieving this goal.

I'm currently on Dath'Remar, but if a team spot can be assured, then I will make the transfer to another server. With Tafe over until next year (February), I have a lot of free time to be in raids (but please don't misunderstand - if I'm unwell or there is a family-emergency, I won't make it).

So if you're looking for a BM Hunter who knows his stuff, then contact me in-game or post here, and lets get raiding!

My Hunter's name is Neisa - look her up!