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    Tidy Plates help

    Hey i was wondering how do you make tidy plates show the debuffs you pick all the time and not just on your current target (well they show sometimes when i hover over the target aswell with my mouse)

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    There's no real "option" for that, since it already tries to show them on every mob affected by said debuffs. In other words: it's a "bug". Or, rather, simply due to the way in which addons are loaded and the way in which WoW's resource infrastructure is handled, you will often need to have "seen" the mob in question before Tidy Plates is able to load the data in question. This is done, as you guessed it, but either directly targeting the mob or by mousing over it.

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    It's also due to limitations imposed on nameplates addons by Blizzard. There's no direct way to tie buffs/debuffs to a nameplate, so the addons that do this employ a lot of really convoluted workarounds.
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