A foreword to our usual recruitment post - our main tank/GM recently passed away and the weeks before his passing we had members unable to log on due to Hurricane Sandy. Due to these two events we've fallen behind our usual pace of competing with top guilds on our server for heroic progression. Please feel free to add me (nse360#1710) or message me or the other officers in game for more info.

Paradox | Mal'Ganis - 10m Raiding Guild


Raid Schedule - Tue/Wed/Thu 9pm to 12am Server Time. Invites go out @ 8:45pm.

Currently Recruiting:
DPS (Monk/Rogue preferred, Enh Sham, Moonkin)

MSV-Heroic: 3/6
HOF-Normal: 5/6
ToES-Normal: 6/6 w/ Elite Protectors

About Us:
Paradox is a laid back but focused group of raiders looking to clear 10m HM content. Members are a mixture of players from Paradox | Nordrassil and Agony | Ysera, both of which previously tackled 25m content and have experience with server first Grand Crusader (both servers) and other titles. We moved to Mal'Ganis a couple of months after Cata was released to be part of a high population server allowing players a wider opportunity during off nights to do things with others (PvP, Alt runs etc.).

Our goal is to clear all 10m HM content but at a pace that doesn't burn people out by keeping it to a 3 night schedule while running with a group of ~14 raiders. This is to help cover off people being off for vacation / illness / RL obligations. We rotate players in regularly depending on the fight so people see regular action.

We do have expectations of our players and are not lovey dovey happy fuzzy bunny charming people 24/7, but also aren't total douches at the same time. You will get feedback in regards to your playing and are free to offer feedback to what's happening. All we ask is that the criticism be constructive. We also accept input on strategy and try to keep it as open as possible in regards to formulating strategies (discussing it openly in mumble). We tend to work things out on the fly and sometimes go in to fights completely blind, and find that a lot of the fun is the challenge you get from learning a fight from scratch.

We provide repair funds and mats for raids and rely on people donating materials to make flasks/food. Loot is done via a loot council system with the focus of what will help push our progression better as we're in this to see the content downed.

Trial period is roughly 2-3 weeks in length, as by that point we should have a good understanding of how you will do / fit in. As a trial raider you will have a thread available to you for people to post feedback as to how you are doing / where you can improve. Trial raiders will have mats provided for them (food/flasks) as well as guild repairs and are eligible for loot from the moment they join.

From time to time we do schedule off-night guild achievement runs because of our love for nerd points / guild perks.

About You:
As our player base is somewhat older we limit our recruiting to people who are 18+ of age.

We are looking for someone who is mature, reliable and laid back. Someone who enjoys challenges, willing to try new roles and is a team player. You have to be open to constructive criticism, and have a bit of a thick skin as we tend to razz people a lot. You are required to stay abreast on all changes, specs, and aspects of your class. You are required to communicate on vent. You will sometimes have roles assigned to you and are expected to fulfill those roles (be it calling out a certain ability, interrupt, etc).

One thing to note is that communication is extremely important in a small guild like this. The expectation is that you post when you are going to be out / away as a courtesy to your fellow raiders.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our officers or members.

Tinydotter - nse360#1710