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    Quote Originally Posted by androkk View Post
    Um... what? If anything, the new talents encourage just that, removing the cookie-cutter aspect and making it easy to change out talents. Not only that, but this has absolutely nothing to do with tri-spec, or to do with my post that you quoted.

    So again I ask, does the lack of tri-spec add anything positive to your gameplay experience? I mean, do you enjoy running back to the trainer for that when everything else is already in the interface? If you do, that's great, but I doubt you are in the majority, and if not, then how can you not be for this?

    Really the only semi-valid argument against it would be that Blizz would have to use slightly more storage to hold each character's data, but even then that kind of extra data would only encompass a handful of bytes, nothing sizable enough to make a significant impact even with the size of WoW's user base. Especially not with how cheap mass storage is now.

    Also I can't help but laugh at all the "herp derp this will make the game more for casuals" posts, a small QOL improvement does not equal the game becoming casual, and I really doubt most hardcore players consider the class trainer their defining aspect.
    I think you're confusing Specialisations with Talents.

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    I voted yes, as my guild wants me to be holy, shadow and disc at various points in the raid. And whilst it's not hard to respec it takes time that could of been spent killing a boss

    Action bars arn't a problem to me anymore, as I found an addon called Action Bar Saver which works very well.

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    I voted yes.
    It's not uncommon that some classes have 2 specs they are exspected to use in raid, and it might not be something they really can use outside.
    Just take a healing priest. Some encounters holy is better then disc and opposite, so they switch between the 2 of them. Then they have to actually remove their spec when they went to do real damage outside of the raid. I know disc can do some okay damage, but still :P

    Yeah. People can go a bit more for cookie-cutter, but overall the the specs are more individual now. If it matters to them they change spec after every raid, which i've known people to do. It's possible, but annoying to do all the time. That shouldn't be nessesary. Some people can live with one spec, and that's fine for them, but for those that have 1-2 specs that they are required to use, and have a last they think is more fun, it's a nuisance.
    Dualspec was a really great thing to me. Trispec is less important for me, but i do miss it a bit sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessicka View Post
    I think you're confusing Specialisations with Talents.
    Nope, not confused at all, if you look back at your post that I was quoting, you'll see that you were the one who brought up talent trees. And its specialization.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellfury View Post
    pre MOP I would say yes, since to do PVP one would have to respect, change keybinds, click 31 boring talents etc,

    Now only requires to change a couple talents by opening the talent panel, so No
    this, all the way. the talent system has totally changed my view on the tri-spec argument. dual-spec is enough, even with druids, pallys, and monks.

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    I honestly don't know what the big deal is with Blizzard holding back on the number of specs. It's so easy to unlearn now, anyway. It was one of the most annoying things for me. Why bother stopping at tri-spec, however, heck... in Rift, we have six specs and will probably be getting more. Then again, we also do have 9 different play-styles for each class over WoW's three.

    I don't think limiting your specs is going to stop people from taking any loot that is "usable" for their class, so I don't think they do it to stop ninja's. People like to try new things, so why not let them? Why restrict people instead of encouraging them to try and enjoy new styles of play?

    I agree with the OP that it is completely viable. Making people more versatile can only improve gameplay.

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    OH! HAI THAR DEAD HORSE! What is that you say? You need to be beaten? Well alright then! It shall be done... Again...

    Dual spec is good enough, and it's easy enough to take care of business and change/respec yourself when/if you need to regardless of your class. I personally don't think anything more is needed. I mean hell... they even gave you a damn reforging NPC on a yak... things are already pretty damn simple as they are. Sometimes, after reading this topic from time to time, I kinda wish dual spec wasn't even introduced. :| People are pretty lazy.

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    I'm for it. I do not see having a third spec as an advantage in any form. It would be positive

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    The game should just save your action bar configuration, talents, and glyphs on a per-spec basis. When you switch between specs (regardless of whether it's via dual-spec switching, or trainer switching), it should restore your bars/talents/glyphs to what they were the last time you used that spec. Solves most problems.

    Spec-specific keybindings might be nice also.

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    I would add 6-8 spec slots at an exponential cost for every new spec slot you buy.
    I don't get how you could be against this, it's just a minor quality of life change that doesn't affect you at all if you don't feel the need to use it. It would literally take 30 minutes to implement unless the dual-spec codebase is horribly written.

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