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    I live in a country where most of the electric infrastructure is below ground so why should I care?

    What's the worst that can happen? The power goes out? Yeah, it takes only a minute to turn the power back on. Scary indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardstyler01 View Post
    What's the worst that can happen? The power goes out? Yeah, it takes only a minute to turn the power back on. Scary indeed.
    yeah...thats not how it works if we would get hit by an immense solar flare electronics would get roasted,electricity transformers and shizzle would simple be broken.It would take couple of months just to replace them all and making sure people would have electricity again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadvolcanoes View Post
    If you are truly interested in this subject, subscribe to YouTube user: Suspicious0bservers (the "O" in observers is a zero). He puts out extremely detailed daily update videos about sun activity, planetary alignment, earthquakes, weather, etc. It is very good content.
    No, sorry, it's not good content -- and yes, he does push his own agenda. That guy consistently claims all sorts of things which aren't remotely true (like trying to implicate solar activity and planetary alignments for earthquakes or changes in weather patterns), he rails on about vague "Earth changes" nonsense (which has been popular tinfoil for well over a decade), HAARP, chemtrails... on and on. He claims to use a scientific approach, yet repeatedly rejects well-understood scientific ideas and mechanisms in favor of his own pet theories and "electric universe" bullshit. He genuinely thinks that the world's scientific agencies are wrong, and that he's right, and they're not telling you "the whole truth". Please don't pollute your mind with that crap.

    There are plenty of non-governmental sources measuring solar activity, space weather, Earth weather, seismic activity (pretty much anything you can imagine) if it's really important to you to find such things. "Non-governmental" should not mean "Random YouTube Conspiracy Channel" -- just look for university websites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadvolcanoes View Post
    I can't agree that he pushes the scare agenda, at least not if you actually watch all his videos. He signs off every video with "eyes open, no fear..."

    He does, however, have quite a few unfounded/conspiracy type views, which are still well grounded in science (electric universe, pole shift, etc.). He does hide his agenda a bit, but ta there if you want to know it.

    Overall, I always check with NASA and NOAA, but I always like to have a non-governmental source to supplement that, to compare and contrast information.
    Well, it's usually the subtle way. You can scare people without making it obvious - that is actually the new tactic of conspiracy theorists as of late. The key is to present neutral informations by using the same scale for each single one of them. A wing-beat of a butterfly has to be presented at the same scale of importance as a 8.9 earthquake, moreover alongside with it even if it is not related at all and without saying they are related. This usually plays tricks with peoples minds because suddenly all of them are equally serious and have to be seen in the same context.
    These videos are usually rehashed in other even more out of context videos by others. As I said there's a reason that a grand majority of the sites citing his videos are usually either connected with apocalyptic, conspiracy or esoteric sites or syncretist branches of them. His core audience is there no matter how much he denies it. His catch slogan also houses much of an indirect message which sectarian people following these movements - that is primarily people believing that 'Something big is happening to Earth soon. The signs are there. You just need to keep your eyes open.' - are understanding easier than the so-called brainwashed crowd. It's a habit of these sites to make these black-white divisions among the audience.

    That said is a firm believer in the Electric Universe theory and his channel is an open advertisement channel for it. You can easily field a lot things which look like science to the viewer and chances are he/she is going to be impressed by the amount of formulaic barrage thrown at him/her when it's something they never heard of because they are supposedly brainwashed. I have used the term sectarian deliberately because by the way because I have seen in which hands those theories usually end and they are neither noble nor scientific to say the least.

    Also since you already acknowledged that he has this agenda and views it should not be hard to keep away from it because such channels are like sticky glue, you watch one video and more and eventually stumble over his peculiar videos where he states that the phenomena reported as news are actually caused by man playing god. At this point you already know that he's going to haarp - no pun intended - the usual electromagnetism ruined/ruins Earth theories with its various conspiracies attached to them and there are a lot of them. People who are not sceptical, not critical, and don't use a more analytical approach towards random informations presented are going to be truly scared by the presented scale of them.
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