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    Healer Trinket Ranking ?

    Hey guys, can anyone link me to a thread or chime in Healer trinket rankings for 5.1 ? Please included upgraded with Valor if possible. I am mostly concerned with spirit proc trinkets, i.e. Spirit of Sun, Relic of Chi Ji, Heartwarmers. Thanks.

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    Spirit of the sun (HC)>Relic>Spirit(nm)>Heartwarmers>Spirit(RF) . This stays the same if upgraded. Relic being superior to Spirit(nm) can be discussed but either way they are really close. Qin-Xi gives more avg. int than any of the above trinkets (but one could argue that being proc based makes it worse) but less regen than spirit and relic.

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    Mostly focused with Shaman, but the numbers are still 100% relevant to us. Heres all the numbers broken down for you.


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