We are a 3 day raiding guild focused on progression by quality over quantity. We have a laid back atmosphere and like to have fun in the offtimes, but are serious and goal oriented during raid times. Raiding is something we do because we enjoy the challenge and the company so we look for people with a sense of humor and who are skilled at their role.
The officer core has been raiding since release with many server first kills in previous expansions.

We recently removed one officer for honesty and integrity issues after a some raiders left and the issues were brought to light when we asked why they were leaving. A few more of the raiders left with the former officer and thus we are left with a roster in need of repair. We are seeking groups of players who wish to raid together in a casual progression environment. We believe that you should enjoy raiding, and many people like to enjoy it with a few friends. We are looking to fill core positions.

*Ranged DPS
- Warlocks
- Mages
- Hunter

- Disc Priest
- Resto Shaman

25 man guild
Raid Times: Tues, Wed, Thurs 7pm EST - 11pm EST
Progressing on Heroics

To speak with someone about recruiting you can visit our site at meifumado (dot) net and fill out an application on our portal or contact us on server: Recruiters are Kestryn, Kallistia, Syñn (alt0241). Add me on Battletag at Lissa#1243, or you can just message someone in guild as we might be on an alt to locate an officer