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    Xsplit settings with terrible upload.


    I've fiddled with xsplit for ages and tried to get the best quality out of my pathetic upload speed and I think I've pretty much pushed it as far as it can go, but I'm not very clued up on streaming and such, so might as well ask you lot.

    [email protected] (can OC but haven't bothered yet)
    Gigabyte GTX570 "Super Overclock"
    16gb RAM

    Playing at 1920x1200 with graphics high except shadows (Don't even mind dropping this to absolute zero if it would make a huge difference). 10man raids/arena (25s kinda kill my comp a bit with xsplit running).

    Post here the settings you think I should try out, I'll give it a go. If somebody comes up with magic settings then I will shit a solid gold brick. If there is no point in trying as my upload is too crap then I guess I'll just have to stay all mad about it.


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    You could try 1280x720 (or half size 960x540) at 10fps and 500kbps bitrate which might be usable, but pretty much nothing will not work with such a low upload speed.
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    You can have the best computer on the planet, with 5 Mbps upload and with the absolute bare minimum 420p settings in xsplit, but you will have terrible shit garbage streams with massive frame drops if you have terrible quality internet service. Believe me from experience.

    There's absolutely nothing you can do about it unless you move somewhere that has FIOS or with newly installed cable internet with 10 Mbps upload.

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