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    World of Warcraft Then & Now

    I remember reading about World of Warcraft in a gaming magazine; from playing counterstrike at a lan center or experience a slightly scaled down mmo from dreamcast ' phantasy star online.

    World of Warcraft really captured my imagination; wearing cheap mail armor and a basic two hander sword; killing wolves and following the quest line that leads you into the front gates of Stormwind; seeing a level 60 warrior in all his might and armor. He was full wrath t1 set i believe and was doing the quest for Quel'Serrar and was waiting for an NPC. Being nice enough to give me 20 gold and just being baffled by how large the continent is.

    PvP was simply the reason why i wanted to play the game; all of my real life friends were level 60 and grinding for Grand Marshal about a month and a half before me while i was busy sitting at level 30 enjoy my red mail outfit. looking like a samurai dueling paladins outside ironforge.

    Many years have passed and now i am a legacy player that has grand marshal achievment from vanilla. Knowing how to properly use macros and keybinds. Pushed the ranks in arena but not anywhere near those spectacular blizzcon champions.

    People will complain about warcraft not being what it used to be; the decline of PvP and balancing but in the end, they always come back. I came back after leaving for a few months of after wrath.

    World of Warcraft is my mario; my halo 2, my counterstrike. It is not the perfect game but it is a game that is far better than the competitor offer.

    If you want to quit wow; go ahead and quit, 15 dollars a month is nothing to me especially for a game that brought alot of joy to my life. new friendships and awesome memories.


    What is wow to you?

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    Finally a player with a working brain, common sense and logic that's not totally killed by nostalgia (all those posts OMG BRING BC, CATA SUCkS, KUNG FU PANDA WTF IS THIS BLIZ).

    I started in late Cata (4.3 with already 10% nerfed DS) so I don't really have a lot of comparision points but tbh I liked the game in Cata and I like it now. If I'd hate WoW, i'd just unsub and that's it. No dramatic music, no useless QQing on forums, no anything. In fact all those rabblers must actually LIKE or even love WoW, they still play it and pay for it!

    Took a while to grasp this game and get good at it. At first I was keyboard turning and didn't knew what a keybind is but learned pretty fast, quick enough to score 8/8 heroic DS still in relevant content (i think it was 25% nerf or something)

    For a totally new player like me entering this already aged society isn't easy, there's ton of knowledge to learn and others aren't making that any easier.

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    What is wow to me?

    Wow is the game i can remember playing, When i was amazed about how big a game could be. I played as a druid, How i loved just being able to turn into animals and then fighting Mobs, not even haveing a quest for, Just for the fun of it. Hahaha i mean if i remember correctly in the start i was like A few random points into resto and then the rest into balance spec, and i was running around in cat form It was not about How fast i could level It was just having fun My taltens was bad and i did not know of wowhead or thootbot(or was it is called) i did not know of addons, and I met so many friendly people, can remember the first time i saw Darkmoon fair, it was amazing, i was just running around and i met this random warrior, He become a very good friend.

    it was just all about the feeling of the game It was slow, killing a mobs took a really long time, was not like now where most mobs could be killed in 2 sec(lower levels that is). And when i came to 58 i joined a pure danish raiding guild. It was amazing, how we where 40 man, attacking one big mother F...... of a dragon, all the tactics There was nothing like it.

    There are so many memories beside that, How When i finally hit level 68 and learned how to fly, I used hours of just flying around, nothing to do, just the feeling of being able to get of the ground and flying around. Or for that matter the one time where i on my alt warrior in WSG, i ran into the horde starting attack force and killed 8 people all at ones. I was so happy my friend was there so he could see it. So much stories i could go on for hours, That is what wow is to me. And for the same reason as you. 15 dollars are worth it each mouth

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    I loved the feeling of how truly vast and immense the game was when I first started playing. Getting around before I was a high enough level for a mount was an almost arduous task at first, but definitely immersive as all hell. When I first discovered flight masters I was honestly relieved:

    "Thank you, sweet, sweet Gryphon Master. I will gladly give you the coppers I earned fighting tooth and nail with murlocs and hill gnolls for a nice, feathery ride back to Westfall. Bless your goggled face."

    The link in my sig, "Ages of World of Warcraft" recounts the stages one experiences whilst first playing the game to a tee, in my opinion. Even the bad times.

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    Wow is many things to me.

    I started off with a curiosity of the game and its story, not knowing anything of either, but as time went on began to marvel as the size of this game, and the depth of its lore and characters. I reached a point I felt as strong about the lore characters as I once did about my comic book heroes such as wolverine or batman.

    It opened up a social aspect to me that in time gave me some truly great friends. I've had friends come and go in wow, and still have close friends who still play. I've been in active guilds and it allowed me to learn from such groups, where I eventually became a guild officer and for a time a guild leader. I left it behind after some years and yet still it felt nice that a group of people depended on me.

    The game has changed, and there have been changes I dislike about it, but still i marvel as the improvements as time goes on, and find myself comparing all other games to wow's standard. Even if I take breaks from wow, I don't find myself feeling the same way about other games or rpgs as what wow gave me, the rests just feel lackluster.

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    I remember walking in to Anvilmar and thinking it was big. Then I got to Ironforge.....

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    To me, wow is a really fun game to play in my free time. I've been playing it for about 7 years now, and still enjoy logging on every time. Of course, I'm not one of those people that does things I don't enjoy. I have always played the way I wanted, and only done the things I actually enjoy doing. And it's worked out really nice

    Yes, a there have been quite a few changes over the years. But the reality for me is that it's still the same game. None of the changes have any large impact on me or my playstyle. They are all pretty insignificant in the larger picture of why I enjoy WoW. I like to log on, play around in a "dragons and magic" setting, and have fun with friends.

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