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    Post Your Character Lists!

    Here's mine:

    Just wondering what the average WoW players character list looks like.

    You only need to post your main realm.

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    Since I'm at work I can't take a screen. On my main server I have a 90 lock, 85 druid, 85 warrior, 80 paladin and 80 mage.

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    My character list... only my toons on a pve server.. are all in my sig

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    I've only got one realm. :P

    90 Blood Elf Priest
    90 Pandaren Monk
    90 Blood Elf Paladin
    85 Troll Druid
    85 Troll Shaman
    85 Blood Elf Mage
    81 Orc Hunter
    85 Draenei Shaman
    81 Draenei Hunter

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    Thought I'd post the first realm I started on:

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    What addon/mod do you use to make your character select screen look like that?

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    A hunter named Legnolas? DELETE HIM!!!

    Not sure if I should post my list, some poster here here may know me from my realm :P

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    Not at my computer, and not sure I want to list ALL names, but...

    90 orc warlock (main)
    90 tauren druid
    85 pandaran monk
    85 goblin shaman
    85 blood elf paladin
    85 troll rogue
    85 undead death knight

    85 draenei priest
    85 night elf mage
    85 worgen hunter
    77 dwarf warrior

    There are a few (three? four?) on a second server, but I only log on to them when (a) my server is down, (b) the other server is up, (c) I really want to play WoW and don't mind "wasting" the time I'm playing on a character I don't care about. Poor buggers see game time maybe once a year...

    ... and before anyone asks, yes I hold down a full time job, and yes my guild raids (10/16 heroic right now on my warlock). BoA gear and rep bonuses make leveling those alts a LOT faster.

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    Leaving out my character names and realm:

    90 tauren warrior (main)
    85 undead warlock
    87 orc death knight
    85 blood elf priest
    85 draenei warrior
    85 worgen hunter
    38 orc shaman
    20 troll druid
    48 human priest
    20 pandaren monk

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamthedevil View Post
    What addon/mod do you use to make your character select screen look like that?
    Not quite sure, but I use the custom UI pack called RealUI.

    Here's the link:

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    90 Priest- Schumacher (Crying irl I had to namechange to that when oom was taken on the realm I moved to in pandaria)
    89 Priest
    70 Priest - leveled this one on my bro's acc to lvl 70 to raid with an alliance guild on my realm when my horde guild was farming BlackTemple (couldn't be arsed)
    54 Priest
    (I just looooove priest)

    90 Mage
    90 Rogue
    90 DK
    90 Shaman

    85 Paladin
    85 Druid
    85 Warlock
    85 Hunter
    85 Warrior
    71 Monk

    I got really bored duing cata so I leveled all chars to 85, before Cataclysm I had my 2 priests, shaman, paladin and mage and that was it. In Vanilla I only had my priest.
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    Since I'm unsubbed at the moment..

    90 Blood Elf Mage.
    86 Blood Elf Paladin.
    85 Blood Elf Priest.
    85 Blood Elf Death Knight.
    85 Blood Elf Hunter.
    85 Blood Elf Rogue.
    85 Troll Druid.
    85 Orc Shaman.
    76 Blood Elf Warlock.
    69 Orc Monk.
    59 Orc Warrior.

    Yes, I like my female Blood Elves.

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    let me see if i can remember mine:
    lvl 85 blood elf warlock(affliction/destruction)
    lvl 85 blood elf mage(frost/fire)
    lvl 85 night elf warrior(protection/arms)
    lvl 47 draenei shaman (elemental)
    lvl 85 blood elf rogue (subtlety)
    lvl 85 blood elf priest (disc/shadow)
    lvl 85 blood elf hunter (marksmanship/beastmaster)
    lvl 85 blood elf death knight (unholy/blood)
    lvl 19 night elf druid (balance)
    lvl 10 worgen druid (balance)
    lvl 20 human paladin (holy)
    lvl 3 goblin warrior (wanted to see the goblin starting zone but forgot about it)

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    90 mage (fire pvp and main)
    90 shaman (ele pvp ... currently on ice)

    monk (next twink)
    warrior, warlock, priest, paladin, hunter, death knight, rogue (inactive mostly)

    45 (?) druid (had a 70 druid during bc on alliance side but deleted her rather then doing server trans to see the new zones during cata)

    i skipped cata allmost entirely. only 85 char was mage.

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    1. Orc Hunter (main) BM/Surv
    2. Belf Paladin Ret/Prot
    3. Belf Warrior Arms/Fury
    4. Goblin Warlock Demo/Aff
    5. Worgen Mage Arcane/Frost
    6. Tauren Death Knight Frost/Blood
    7. Undead Rogue Combat/Assassination
    8. Pandaran Monk Windwalker/Brewmaster
    9. Orc Shaman Enh/Ele
    10. Troll Druid Feral/Boomkin

    As you can see i have almost every class except priest and nearly all my toons are horde except my worgen cause worgens are cool
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    Sadly, I haven't had time to level my alts this expansion.

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    As a roleplayer I feel myself pushed to not only post their names but a bit of who they are... you are warned
    Only Ranardrae and Rolanthas are level 90, Mathindrae is 86, Oyah and Raagmund are 85 and the rest a work in progress.


    Ranardrae Ravenwing: nondescript handsome rogue who is attracted to both male and female, maybe mostly male. He is a swashbuckler who doesn't take many things too serious, but who at least pretends to know when to not act up too much.

    Mathindrae Dawnstar: Stick-in-the-mud paladin, at least according to his twin brother Ranardrae. Mathindrae himself would say he merely knows what's proper and what duty demands. Hasn't found any person to love, and only gets in trouble because of Ranardrae.

    Oyah Marsterblarster: Some would say he is green with envy, but Oyah is a goblin, which means he is green with greed. He doesn't mind when other people get rich, nor is he envious at their riches as long as he gets his moolah. He also loves it when things go boom!

    Raagmund Stormhoof: a quiet and thoughtful shaman, slow to anger but once riled he is like the storm, the volcano, the tsunami, the earthquake. And then he cools down after he did what he had to do. Also he sheds quite a bit.

    Tandinia Silvercloud: A naive, young priestess who tries hard to find her place in the big wide world. Tries to act tough but often fails utterly to convince people.

    Brenca Doomcleaver: Undead deathknight, fights for horde, end of story. Still trying to figure out who she actually is besides a sword wielding maniac.

    Horatio Scrubbley: A lovable insanely happy psychopath, who loves nothing more than to sing a happy song, skip and dance while watching people die a horrible death. I mean, if you are undead, you can have at least some fun, right? After all, it's not like anyone else really counts. He is also a Fairy Princess... no really. A fairy princess. He is purple and pink and has wings, thus: fairy princess.


    Rolanthas Dusksinger: Former Warrior now Druid. Has had a run of bad luck concerning love and thus decided that maybe he is not destined to have a mate. He had some friends on the horde side, way back when after the third war there was a feeling of "maybe you hordies aren't that bad".

    Bradforth Sablesmith-Wrythe: Gilnean Hunter. Brad finally came to grips with the fact that he is shedding just as much as his more animal friends. Has resisted the urge to sniff their butts though.

    Dramni Silveraxe: Former barmaid, now warrior. She decided if she has to let someone pinch her rear, she can at least take up a sword and whack them a bit. After whacking those pinchers she was fired and is now whacking other stuff. And she has fun doing it!

    Chi de bao bao: Pandaren monk who decided to join the Alliance. And after comparing the food of the Alliance with the Horde, he was glad he did that. Doesn't really get the whole Horde versus Alliance stuff, but hey... BEER!
    "Reality: The refuge of those who fail in RPGs"
    ~Though this be madness, yet there is method in't~

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    90 Troll Druid
    88 Orc Shaman
    86 Undead Warlock
    86 Dwarf DK (Off-server, only for Double Agent achievement)
    85 Tauren Paladin
    85 Troll Mage
    85 Undead Hunter
    83 Tauren Warrior
    70 Goblin Rogue
    58 (or was it 54??) Tauren Priest
    24 H-Pandaren Monk
    1 Bank/Auctioneer

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    90 Shaman.
    90 Death Knight
    85 Hunter
    85 Priest
    85 Paladin
    85 Warlock
    85 Mage
    85 Druid
    85 Death Knight


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    90 Pandaren Warrior
    90 Worgen Warlock
    90 Dwarf Shaman
    87 Dranei Monk
    86 Panderen Hunter
    85 Human Paladin

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