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    Dps req for garalon 10m normal?

    I cant post a WoL since my guild logs are private, but... Whats the dps req to get this encounter down? Last night we got him to 7% and hit the enrage..

    We run with: Tanks: Dk, Prot Pal, Healers: Rdruid,Holy&Disc priest(paladin heal is also aivalible) Dps: Spriest, Elem, Destro Lock, Feral, Sv/Bm Hunt.

    We all prepot and bust all the dps cooldowns at the start and get all 4 legs down, then just kill the leg that spawns. Everyone seems to do 80k + with feral doing 100k+ and our elem lacking behind with 65k+ DPS. Any help is welcome...

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    Simple: 218.100.000 Life; 7 Min Enrage
    ->218.100.000/(7*60)=519285 Raiddps
    Your raid sound really like our raid:
    Our Log from sunday( i know no kill): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/g...ses&boss=63667
    We started with the tactics like u. Killing 4 Legs and then everytime 1 new appear kill the new one. That doesnt worked really well.
    We switched to only kill the inner legs. The boss is kitet around and so allways 2 Legs are on the outer bound and 2 are in the middle. The outer leg on the front is only for the tanks. Both tanks should allways go on the legs.
    The outer backleg is not touched by anyone except cleaves/ae.
    The inner legs are killed immendiantly as the respawn. If there is no inner leg just stand there and nuke the hell out of the boss. So we get higher raiddps (around 40-50k overall) because the dds dont need to run all the time.
    We get him to 5% at best on this evening trying to squeeze out our hunter a little bit more and hoping for better gear on thursday.
    Also u can do: Bring a rogue and easyloot the boss. Rogue are imba at this fight due to there ability to hit legs and boss for full dmg.
    But sometimes there is simple no rogue -.-

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    You can get away with about 515k at a minimum. I suggest having the feral and one of the other dps being the ONLY dps on the legs, having that extra uptime on the leg will do wonders for the feral and should be fairly decent for the hunter. We had tanks: prot pally and warrior, dps: frost dk, ww monk, bm hunter, ele sham, fire mage. If the feral is doing enough damage to keep at least two legs dead you should be fine. Having all four legs dead can make kiting him more painful if you're using the tanks as part of the kite rotation.
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    What we were doing was two people fulltime on legs, a third assisting for like 25-50%..
    And kill only two left legs at first and nuke the body, prepot, a bloodlust etc.. you dont really need it later in the fight. The two legs will die in notime and everyone can then nuke the body till the leg spawns again.
    keeping those two legs down (both on left side front and back), while tanks did front right (ocasionally killing it).
    Then at the 1 minute mark kill all legs that are low enough to be killed fast enough, then resume on the body.
    So have your spriest and lock multidot all the legs(minus front right) before using their filler on the main body.

    TL;DR: try maximizing your dps on the body while not killing legs

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    We don't specifically go for legs, the only people that are hurting legs are people that can cleave to/from the body or that have procs from dots. In our group that's only our warrior and mage, with a few dots from the lock and spriest (mostly used to generate procs for their main dps on the body).
    All other dps focusses on the body.

    Our 2 tanks (DK and Feral) both hit legs and cleave to the body while standing in front to catch the cone.
    We usually have 2-3 legs up all the time so he does move a bit faster then other tactics but we use 4 ranged to kite who can easily outrun him.
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