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    When to switch from Arms to Fury?

    I hit 90 a bit ago, I was fury while leveling and realized very quickly upon hitting 90 that with the low gear I had Arms was a better choice. My question is when is it better to switch to fury again?

    I recently obtained 2 decent 1 handers from heroics. I'm just trying to figure out when it would be beneficial to switch back? Is there a certain crit level I should be looking for?

    My Armory

    The 2 1 handers I got were Dubious Handaxe and Ook's Hozen Slicer.

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    I believe the number thrown around was at 20% unbuffed crit you should switch to Fury (not sure if there was a distinction made between TG and SMF).

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    It depends on your stats, most warriors reccomend going fury when you have the soft cap for crit (20%). Ofc you need to get hit/exper cap.
    Since Fury is very dependant on crits for procs and stable dps. Most fury warriors with less then 20% crit find themselves just waiting for BT to get off cd. Thus not being able to do decent sustainable dps.

    And if just search for arms/fury, you will find 100 posts asking the same question you are now.

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