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    Rabble Rabble Rabble

    So after 4 days of relatively semi-casual camping on 4 servers i've yet to see it spawn. Any suggestions or ideas about this?

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    think you need 25~ people in the area......most i've seen recently is 4...never gonna get it ;_;

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    Since the X-realm in brawlers guild seem to disappear im yet to see it again, and every time it was up before, i was too busy in the massive queues to go for it;D sucks but oh well.

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    just make an alt on a very high pop server, shouldnt be too bad to get then.

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    I thought frostmane or ravencrest were populated, jk they ain't apparently

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    I don't understand this achivement i've been sitting on the arena for 2 whole weeks trying Disruptron for several hours a day and I've NEVER seen that portal.

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