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    200mm case fan suggestions

    About 3 months ago I built my first computer and everything had been running as smoothly as possible until one day I got home from work and turned on my computer to hear a horribly loud humming noise. Scared my computer was about to explode or something (computer knowledge is pretty low lol) I opened it up to see what was going on and quickly discovered that as soon as I removed the side panel the noise followed with it, leaving the culprit to be the 200mm side fan of my CM haf x case. I messed around with it for a bit and now it will go days without making crazy humming noises and then some where i'll start it up and the whole thing will sound like its dying. At this point its becoming more annoying then anything and needing to be messed with to stop the noise about every other day. I figured with the holidays around the corner I'd put down a new case fan on my wishlist but really have no idea on a good brand. Looking around newegg too I noticed a lot of led or brand/case specific fans. Im not really against led's but already having an led in the front I know I'd get annoyed if they weren't the same redish glow. My case currently has a red/black theme so I'd prefer something that isn't going to clash horribly. Any suggestions would be a HUGE help since I haven't really came across one that catches my eye yet. Thanks

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    Here's a couple:



    Second one is a cooler master, so basically what you would have had originally. It's under 20db (it says), and about 110 CFM. The first is one I've bought before, it's louder at 27db but pushes 148 CFM.

    You can probably hook to a fan controller to change the noise level at the cost of some CFM. It looks neat, though.

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