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    Only 4 auctions up?

    So i play on Frostmane-EU and just went to the AH to buy some weekly supplies for raid; and nothing was coming up when i typed in what i wanted... strange

    then i just did a search with off the entire ah to find only 5 things up? Just a bug maybe? just wondered if anyone else was having the same issue?

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    depends on the item im on that server also

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    The only thing I can think is either a bug or maybe you had a brain fart and went to a neutral AH . I play on that realm and the AH is always full of stuff. Maybe an addon was interfering or something.

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    Seems same with me...i try and get food / flasks and there's never any up (i playevery day, all different times)...so i have to make my own D:

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