Our 10-man disbanded a few weeks ago due to inability to recruit quality players on our low-pop server. We are looking to transfer to a higher-pop server to a decently progressed guild. Our MoP progression was decent until we disbanded (haven't raided in a few weeks), and past accomplishments include Killing Heroic Deathwing in early April (15% Nerf). World of Logs can be found at http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/32630/calendar/11-12/

We do not want to raid past 11:30PM Eastern Time, ideally ending sooner due to real-life concerns such as jobs. We also want to limit it to 3 nights a week.

The players looking to transfer (all on US-Zangarmarsh currently) are:
Demo Lock - Ztupubus
Holy Priest - Lorimuni
Resto Druid - Maladan
Holy or Ret Palladin - Khanar

Please add me on battle tag if you are interested in talking. If you have a 25-man guild with 2-7 heroic bosses down in current tier that is looking to replace underperforming players, we may be the right fit for you, and you the right fit for us.

Contact me on battletag Ztup#1656